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The world is in need of love, a gentle hand and tons of smiles. Hearts need to be comforted and humanity needs to be shared once again.


Salaamedia, founded in January 2016, aims to go beyond the limits of traditional journalism by telling human stories while seeking to inspire people towards active citizenship and participation in helping resolve these challenges or at the least bring relief to those who form the essence of the news story.

It’s not just about the news, it’s about changing the reality. This is about humanitarianism, activism and journalism coming together and forging a brighter future. It’s about walking the proverbial talk.

Salaamedia seeks to chart new positive route in a world increasingly overwhelmed by negativity.

Salaam Foundation, is the humanitarian and development wing of Salaamedia, and operates under the following mandate. It is a registered Non- Profit Company in South Africa (Registration no: 2016/164270/08). Ninety five percent of all contributions, as regards to public donations (Lillah), are spent on relief acquisitions, development projects, transport, labour, administrative costs etc. We believe that all these costs form part of the project and allow for the work to reach completion. Five percent is deposited into a Waqf investment account for future sustainability and growth. Islamic charitable funds (Zakaat) are allocated on a one hundred percent basis to deserving recipients. Salaam Foundation and Salaamedia are fully audited by Audit Connection Inc. For more information, kindly email info@salaamedia.com

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Salaamedia and Salaam Foundation is ideally suited to respond to the challenges of poverty, war, natural and man made disasters in both Africa and the world. We call on you to support our causes.

Contact us:
Email: info@salaamedia.com
Tel: +27 11 680 0355
Mobile: +27 81 706 4622

Address: 74 Xavier Street, Robertsham, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Banking Details

Business Account

Account Name: Salaamedia (PTY) Ltd
Account No: 625 615 008 12
Bank: FNB
Branch: 250 655
Swift Code: FRINZAJJ

Charity/Development Accounts

For EFT or deposits at FNB

Account: Salaam Foundation
Bank: FNB
Account no: 62669147665
Branch: 250737
Reference: per project + your name (lillah/zakaat).

For EFT or deposits at Albaraka Bank
Account: Salaam Foundation
Bank: Albaraka
Account no: 786 001 80561
Branch: 800000
Reference: As per project + your name (lillah/zakaat).

For cash or cheque deposits via ABSA:
Account Name: Albaraka Bank Limited
Account number:407 341 2216
Bank: ABSA
Branch: 632 005
Reference: 786 001 80561 (lillah/Zakaat)




Meet our Team

Azhar Vadi

Azhar, the founder of Salaamedia, started off his career as a young, man pushing a baby pram selling face creams from door to door in his South African neighbourhood of Lenasia. While completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies he found a job as a news reporter at a local community station where he engaged primarily in developmental journalism. As a budding journo he travelled to Gaza with the Gift of the Givers, a leading South African humanitarian aid organisation, in the aftermath of the 2009 war where he got his first taste of humanitarian work and journalism. His next move saw him appointed as the head of news at Cii Broadcasting where he covered general news and conflict zones in South Africa’s protesting townships. In 2012 he became the first South African journalist to travel to Syria covering the war in that country. He has subsequently visited the region 6 times leading humanitarian aid deliveries to refugees both inside Syria and along its neighbouring borders. In December 2015 he left the comfort zone and once again set out on a new trajectory bringing the concept of humanitarian journalism to the South African media landscape. He has had untold, silent support from trusted friends and hopes that the blossoming of this project will be a form of gratitude to their contributions.


gangatEbrahim Gangat

Ebrahim “Baboo” Gangat, a legend of South African alternative radio broadcasting. Hailing from the town of Roshnee to the south of Johannesburg, the seasoned radio presenter affectionately known as Ebrahim Bhai, has touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people across Southern Africa through his iconic morning radio shows. As one of the early presenters on Radio Islam, he injected a vibrancy on to the airwaves and brought forward alternative news content to a hungry South African population. Ebrahim Bhai’s career took a huge turn in the early 2000’s when he joined Channel Islam International. With regular broadcast interviews from the war zones of the world and a keen focus of the unheard voice, Ebrahim Bhai, has become known as advocate of social justice, unafraid to air his views and take up the challenge. His experience and maturity is unmatched in the radio broadcast world.

Desmond Mongoai
Senior Videographer

Desmond grew up in the village Senwabarwana, a rural setting in South Africa’s Limpopo province about 85 kilometers away from Polokwane city. From the dust of this challenging upbringing, has risen a man who is determined to make his mark on society. Desmond has worked hard since moving to Johannesburg, the city of dreams for many of South Africa’s rural youth. He started off his career as a technical producer for satellite radio broadcaster Cii where he honed his skills as a qualified sound engineer working with production teams designing promos and jingles before moving on to Chai FM as a content producer. His recent move has taken him into the world of television and video content where he worked as Floor Manager for satellite TV broadcaster, eNCA.


Ponty Moletsane

Salaamedia Station Manager


A dedicated and committed egalitarian, Ponty Israel Moletsane, has become a legend within his own niehgbourhood of Greyville, Lenasia. His sense of generosity and personal giving is equaled by his commitment to the truth and telling the stories of those who face the wrath of corporate and political power. After leaving his home town of Bultfontein in South Africa’s Free State province as a youngster, he has worked on factory floors, run a makeshift takeaway and finally ended up as a studio controller at Cii Radio. He quickly progressed to become the leading producer for the station’s flagship shows. He has since started work as a late night content producer at South Africa’s leading station, Radio 702. In March 2016 he joined the Salaamedia team where he has found a perfect opportunity to fulfill his natural inclination to assist others and ply his trade as a journalist.

In November 2017, Ponty was appointed as the station manager of Salaamedia, a much deserved promotion to a person committed to the upliftment of others.

Fatima Sookharia

Fatima is the head of Salaam Foundation operations.

Salaam Media