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120km #Walk4Somalia

31 August 2017 On 3 September 2017, the Salaamedia and Salaam Foundation team will departing on an epic walk from Roshnee in the south of Gauteng, South Africa, to the Laudium in the north covering a distance of 120km. The idea is to draw attention to the great efforts by Somali families, men, women and […]

Book Review – Change: Organising Tomorrow, Today

By: Nadia Sigaba Jay Naidoo, Penguin Books, 2017, 277 pages, R206.00, ISBN 978 1 77609 180 5 (Print) In this interesting book, Jay Naidoo reflects on his historical journey as an activist fighting for political and social change in South Africa and takes stock of the degree of change in South Africa for which they […]

What simmers behind the Saud family veil

Shaakira Ahmed | Image: CNN | 11 July 2017 For those who believe American President Donald Trump to be a conspicuous ‘Islamophobe’ and for others who believe Saudi Arabia to be a ‘Puritan Islamic State’, little could have been more jaw-dropping than the cordial invite to the Land of the Two Holy Mosques extended to […]

300 000 displaced in Marawi, Philippines

Husnaa Bayat | Image: AFP (file) There’s a violent yet silent war ravaging parts of the Philippines at present. Since May this year, hordes of men aligned to ISIS have attacked the town of Marawi, an act that has drawn the Philippines army into battle, supported by the US in a deadly confrontation. Over 300 000 […]

Addicted to porn? There’s help out there

  Nthato Ntsoko | 27 June 2017 The discovery of pornography on the internet is as easy as typing “sex” on any search engine, its accessibility just a click away. Pornography addiction has affected not only adults, but has heavily impacted psychology and behaviour in teenagers too, often eroding harmonious, stable family relationships. Undoubtedly, pornography […]

Somalia: You can make a difference

Husnaa Bayat | 21 June 2017 Bombed buildings, broken infrastructure, bullet-holes, barren earth, dead animals, and desperate poverty. These were the scenes that lined their path as a South African  humanitarian aid team and two journalists made their way through famine-stricken Somalia to offer relief. Salaamedia representative and journalist Azhar Vadi, accompanied Al-Imdaad, Zam Zam […]

363 000 malnourished Somali children

Azhar Vadi | 18 June 2017 | Images: Salaamedia Some 243km slightly north west of Mogadishu, exists the ancient African town of Baidoa. Pre-historic rock art has recently been found on the outskirts of the city. The history in these parts of the continent runs deep. Being the capital of Somalia’s Bay region, Baidoa has […]

Civilians die as US target Mosul

Shaakira B. Ahmed It has been three years since the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) jolted the political world when the group seized Iraq’s second major city, Mosul.  In response to subsequent ISIS offensives across the region in 2014, former US President, Barack Obama launched the US-led military coalition in Iraq and Syria. This […]

 #CapeRelief launched by #OperationSA and Al-Imdaad

#OperationSA | Pic: mybroadband.co.za 08 June 2017 #OperationSA and the Al-Imdaad Foundation have launched an urgent appeal for funds to assist victims of the devastating storms and fires in the Western Cape. #CapeRelief was set up on Thursday morning in response to calls for assistance from thousands affected by the storms in and around Cape Town […]

Afghanistan cries. But is it the Taliban?

Husnaa Bayat |Pic: rferl.org | 08 June 2017 Kabul, Afghanistan. Chaos reigned as the city erupted in a series of explosions at the start of the holy month. On the 1st of Ramadan, during morning rush hour a bomb exploded in at busy marketplace just outside the diplomatic enclave. 150 people were left dead. The […]
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