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SA Ambassador to Israel loses the plot

Azhar Vadi | Salaamedia | 07 October 2016 South African Ambassador to Israel, Sisa Ngombane, let loose in an almost drunken stupor, his true feelings regarding the occupation of the Palestinian people and the suffering they have had to endure over the last 7 decades. And it wasn’t a pleasant experience to say the least. […]

Is your mind a warped web of “privilege”?

04 October 2016 Opinion Amaarah Mayet and Naeema Dudan. Image: Azhar Vadi (2015) Privilege That’s 9 letters of the alphabet that can cause complete bafflement in South Africa today; a word that rolls within our social interactions causing contention and discomfort. Privilege is the societal structure that people are born into, and without realisation or […]

Islam going mainstream in Nkandla

Nabeela Vadwalla | 15 July 2016 The larger percentage of the African continent has been introduced to Islam as a religion over the last 1400 years. Many continental communities embraced the belief system and in many instances absorbed the culture, language  and system of those who brought the new way of life. History has noted […]
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