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Namola active in Gauteng: #CrimeMustFall

Salaamedia| 16 May 217 Hot on the heels of Police Minister, Fikile Mbalula, encouraging the use of technology in the fight against crime, the Namola Safety App has launched across Gauteng. Plans are now underway to roll it out nationally while foreign counties have started showing interest. The Gauteng Community Safety Department and Gauteng Traffic […]

Women abused – in Gaza Strip

Rana Alshami | 21 December 2016 Violence against women by their husbands or other male members of their family has existed in almost every human society throughout history. In Gaza women are left alone and deprived of social support when they face violence. Domestic violence has affected several families for many decades and still dominates […]

India’s UCC and Muslim marriages

1 November 2016 India’s Uniform Civil Code, a set of laws that aims to regulate Muslim marriages is being strongly advocated by Hindu nationalists. The UCC, opposed by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board may however have some elements that could improve the lives of women in abusive marriages. What similarities can be found […]

100 Preparations for Hajj

Nabeela Vadwalla | 17 May 2016 What to do after your name appears on the Hajj list? Hajj is the compulsory obligation upon every mature sane Muslim male and female. It is the pilgrimage to the city of Makkah and its surrounds for a specified period of one once a year. It is regarded as […]

Response to a French minister’s racism

Ladies in Islamic dress are like, “negroes who supported slavery,” so said French minister Laurence Rossignol. Quite frankly, Muslim women who wear the headscarf, burqa or face veil are sick and tired of being lectured by people less tolerant of religious choice and freedom not to mention the blatant racism of it all.
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