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Ubuntu spreads to Syria

Keabetswe Shilakwe | 9 January 2017 It’s been a few days since his return from visiting Syrian refugees in Turkey and Yusuf Abramjee is still haunted by the experience. The veteran journalist, anti-crime activist and  founder of Operation SA says he found his calling years ago to be a humanitarian and has since done all […]

Junaid Jamshed feared dead in plane crash

07 December 2016 | Salaamedia | Image: Youtube Pakistanis on social media have expressed their sadness of the reported death of one of the country’s famous Urdu singers, Junaid Jamshed. Senior journalist Rahimullah Yusufzai told Salaamedia they were still trying to ascertain the facts despite the news spreading worldwide through the internet. The singer was […]

India’s UCC and Muslim marriages

1 November 2016 India’s Uniform Civil Code, a set of laws that aims to regulate Muslim marriages is being strongly advocated by Hindu nationalists. The UCC, opposed by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board may however have some elements that could improve the lives of women in abusive marriages. What similarities can be found […]

Journalism, women and Kashmir

12 October 2016 | Let’s Talk Kashmir struggles to keep itself in the news despite the gross rights violations and human oppression that takes place in the Valley. Within the broader conflict are the struggles experienced by women. And among them, female journalists. Ruwa Shah is a young Kashmiri writer who has now moved to […]
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