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#FeesMustFall Week 4, day 3 – A student’s diary

#FeesMustFall Week 4, day 3 – A student’s diary

13 October 2016

Naeemah Dudan is a 2nd year Bachelor of Arts student at Wits University. She writes for Salaamedia. This is what she experienced on Tuesday, 11 October 2016.


Privilege is a consequence of your race, your age, your background and your class status. It may also be a consequence of what you or your parents have worked incredibly hard to achieve. But just because you have worked hard at it, that does not mean that you are not privileged.

Imagine my surprise when I walked into campus on Wednesday morning, ready to take on the revolution and everything seemed normal. Students were attending lectures, roaming the buildings and more importantly it felt like people had completely forgotten about our goal for free education.

There was a sense of disunity this morning. According to Fasiha Hassan, SRC secretary general, the leaders of the movement are being hunted down and therefore many of them were based in hiding spots all over campus. Its become increasingly extremely difficult to mobilise students.

Earlier in the morning several students, on education campus, had been arrested for “dancing and singing” with the police allegedly calling them monkeys. Today a group of students were transported outside the Hillbrow police station to show solidarity with the arrested students and to plead for the release. They were released earlier this afternoon.

Lecturers have been threatened by Wits management that if they do not continue the academic year they will be threatened with disciplinary actions. Several lecturers and departments refuse to teach under such harsh conditions and many academics support the protest and are on the ground with students.






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