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Junaid Jamshed feared dead in plane crash

Junaid Jamshed feared dead in plane crash

07 December 2016 | Salaamedia | Image: Youtube

Pakistanis on social media have expressed their sadness of the reported death of one of the country’s famous Urdu singers, Junaid Jamshed.

Senior journalist Rahimullah Yusufzai told Salaamedia they were still trying to ascertain the facts despite the news spreading worldwide through the internet.

The singer was part of a Tableeghi Jamaat or Islamic propagation group who were returning to Islamabad from Chitral.

“The plane went down in a very mountainous region. Rescue operations are difficult. When the rescue teams get there they will be able to confirm if there are any survivors.”

According to this Jamshed’s brother his wife also boarded the PIA PK-661 plane crash .

At least 47 passengers were on the flight from Chitral to Islamabad.

Pakistani media reported that flight PK-661 had disappeared from the air control radar and army troops and helicopters were dispatched to the crash site for rescue efforts.

Jamshed visited South Africa in 2015 where he helped raise funds for various charitable causes.



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