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Naeemah Dudan | Pic: Stock |  17 November 2016

Last night a Twitter storm broke. There was a #RapeAtJunction. It started with a thread by a student who stays in the same Wits University residence as the victim and alleged perpetrator.

The effect of the reported incident brought the victim to within inches of ending her own life. She apparently tried to commit suicide two weeks ago and has since de-registered from Wits University and left the country.

Last night many angry students, mainly women, met with campus management in protest saying they feel unsafe as they are staying in the same building as the alleged rapist.

In a video on Twitter the management told the protestors that if they knew the full details of what happened, “I don’t think you will feel unsafe.”

Angry protestors met with Rob Sharman, who looks after the residences at the university. He didn’t have much detail and was unavailable to comment on the allegations.

The university’s spokesperson, Shirona Patel, has said that the matter is confidential but was reported a few weeks ago. According to university tweeps, the incident was reported three weeks ago. The university has also said that they are committed to a zero tolerance approach to violence and sexual harassment.

The university’s sexual harassment policy states that protective measures for the victim may include a change of university residence where it is appropriate. Unfortunately, the co-chair of the sexual harassment advisory committee was unavailable to comment about whether this was followed or not. The committee has said that anyone who stands in the way of justice or minimizes the rape in any way will be held accountable.




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