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Salaam Foundation Veggie Tunnel Project


09 August 2016

Following the successful implementation of the first #VeggieTunnel in Poortjie, south of Lenasia, SOuth Africa, Salaamedia’s humanitarian wing, Salaam Foundation has launched a large scale call for people to get involved in the project.

The idea is to establish as many of the tunnels in schools, both private and public, as well as developing communities.

Watch the video to get an understanding of what the project entails.


1) Sustainable food provision.
2) Entrepreneurship as the vegetables can be sold.
3) Planning skills
4) Scheduling skills
5) Love of farming and the earth.
6) Team work and humanity.
7) Most importantly it is a Prophetic encouragement to engage in food growth and environmental consciousness.

The IMPACT in society

Our water crisis in South Africa is not yet over. The next step is increased food prices followed by possible food shortages.

We can help our children prepare now for challenges of the future. Positive contributions to the upliftment of South Africa is our obligation.

This project costs R20 000 and can provide each school or community institution with an income of between R2000 and R4000 per month. *It’s sustainable*
Contributions in part are also welcome and will be pooled together.

Also make an intention for sadaqah jaariya or on going thawaab for yourself and your loved ones.

Get involved now by calling Azhar Vadi on 081 706 4622, email az@salaamedia.com or make a deposit to:

For EFT or cash deposits you can use Albaraka Bank

Account: Salaam Foundation
Bank: Albaraka
Account no: 786 001 80561
Branch: 800000
Reference: veggie

For cash or cheque deposits where there is no Albaraka Bank please use ABSA:

Account Name: Albaraka Bank Limited
Account number:407 341 2216
Bank: ABSA
Branch: 632 005
Reference: 786 001 80561 (veggie)

Salaam Foundation is a registered Non Profit Company.




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