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Salaamedia water supply and food security project – Poortjie


Salaamedia | 25 February 2016
The Islamic Centre in Poortjie, just south of Lenasia, has been struggling to maintain its vegetable garden for over a year. A borehole used to water the garden broke down and in this year of draught, the crops have been left to die. Up to 85 children, plus community members, were fed from the veggies of this garden in the past.
The toilets at the centre were also dilapidated and in a poor condition.

Azhar Vadi and Sheikh Sawabi share a #SalaamediaSelfie
Azhar Vadi and Sheikh Sawabi share a #SalaamediaSelfie.

Salaamedia reported on the situation via its online portals and this week they managed to restore the borehole and lay the foundation for a new toilet section and kitchen area for food preparation.
The development is expected to restore dignity to the community and once again create sustainable growth.
The local centre manager, Sheikh Muhammd Sawabi, was ecstatic. “Just look at the water, its flowing again,” he exclaimed as the water poured from underground.
His wife, Appa Khatdijah, shared his happiness. “You have solved our problems. This water means the garden will grow again. We will start planting winter crops like carrots and cabbage. The children and community will be able to eat once again. This has been a miracle for us.”
Salaamedia has launched borehole drilling projects across various areas of South Africa to tap into the underground water source as a result of the current drought.

a new toilet and kitchen foundation is being laid.
A new toilet and kitchen foundation is being laid.

Several holes have been drilled in the Limpopo province with more expected in the North West.
Azhar Vadi, A director at Salaamedia said, “As a humanitarian media group we will not only report on the untold stories but also do something to assist the people involved. You can to by joining hands with us.”
If you would like to get involved in the borehole project with Salaamedia, call them on 081 706 4622 or email info@salaamedia.com.



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