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Thousands flee Russian attacks in Syria

by Salaamedia

05 February 2016 | Salaamedia

Video footage and pictures this week from the border areas to the north of Syria showed thousands of refugees fleeing the massive Russian attacks around Aleppo.

Human rights activist, Fekri Shabaan, told Salaamedia that at least 10 000 people wanted to move through the Babus Salaam border crossing into Turkey yesterday but were blocked.

“The borders are closed and the Russians are bombing everything,” he said.

Syrian refugees fleeing Russian attacks camp out at Babus Salaam border post. Pic: supplied

Syrian refugees fleeing Russian attacks camp out at Babus Salaam border post. Pic: supplied

On Tuesday, suspected Russian fighter jets hit the Hretan village near Aleppo killing and injuring tens of civilians. Last week, up to 40 missiles believed to be from the Syrian army bombarded a refugee camp in the Latakia province. Vice News reported that their sources claimed the Russians were also involved in the attack.

The influx of people has arched the straining backs of humanitarian organisations trying to provide as much relief as possible to a crisis with seemingly no end.

One of South Africa’s leading aid organisations, the Alimdaad Foundation, has been at the forefront of receiving this influx of refugees. With containerised villages built close to the Babus Salaam border crossing they have had firsthand experience of the effects of the Russian bombardments alongside those of the Syrian regime and other armed militias.

refugee camps destroyed by Assad regime

Refugee camps in Latakia destroyed by the Assad regime.

Aid worker and Alimdaad trustee, Qari Ziyaad Patel lamented the hypocrisy of the world with regards to the calamity. “We live in a world of double standards. While some are fighting obesity, there are so many that are fighting starvation.”

The group has recently started providing aid to starving Syrians that have been under regime siege in the Madaya district of Damascus. “It’s a world of imbalance and humans need to rekindle the natural humanity in all of us. 23 countries are bombing all over Syria and those who suffer the most are innocent children in the fight of the seniors.”

Alimdaad has also established two orphanages in Turkey already and has been playing an integral part in establishing the Tiny Hearts Orphan Village under the auspices of the IHH which aims to be the largest orphanage in the world.


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