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Muslims celebrating Eid in South Africa attacked

by zeenat

Humairaa Mayet | 14 August 2019 | Image: Yusuf Abdullah (Facebook)

On 12 August 2019, Muslims in South Africa celebrated the day of Eid-ul-Adha, a happy time spent with family and friends while carrying out the ritual of slaughtering sheep or cows according to ones financial capacity.

However the Muslim residents of Saddlebrook Estate in Midrand had a rather uncomfortable experience as some of their non-Muslim neighbours allegedly attacked them and attempted to prevent them from performing the religious observances.

Aiman Fareed, the resident who was accosted, spoke to Salaamedia’s Inayet Wadee on The Alternative View. According to him, in the week leading up to Eid, residents harassed Fareed and his family, even after they had sought permission from the board of the estate and had received the go-ahead.


Fareed was served with a letter from an attorney of one of the residents, stating that if Fareed could not bring forward a letter from the council an interdict would be brought. Following this demand, Fareed contacted the council and was given an all-clear. He stated that he had  met all the requirements during an SPCA inspection, leaving both the SPCA and SAPS satisfied.

On Monday morning at 6:15, Fareed attempted to bring the sheep onto his property but was stopped by approximately 15 vehicles and many angry residents according to his count. He then attempted to use an alternative entrance but was blocked off by a vehicle. When he managed to get past the vehicle allegedly rammed into him, leaving both cars damaged.

Fareed tried to drive away but the vehicle allegedly followed him and rammed into him with such force that a sheep fell off the trailer. As he stopped to check on the sheep, some residents tried to force open the trailer and let the others out while another took out a knife and allegedly slashed Fareed’s tyres. Police on the scene attempted to resolve the debacle which went on for one and a half hours.

Slashed tires at Saddlebrook Estate: Image Yusuf Abdullah (Facebook)

The police arrested the tires slasher and as Fareed was giving his statement, residents pried the trailer open and the sheep ran out into the estate. Fareed had to chase after them. SAPS escorted Fareed to his home, and even once he was inside, residents allegedly stood outside his gate, threatening him and his family.

The SPCA, as well as a health inspector, monitored the qurbani and deemed it acceptable and appropriate.

The Board of the Saddlebrook Estate have condemned the actions of the residents who tried to prevent the Muslim family from holding the religious ceremony in the strongest terms.

Video footage showed them obstructing the estate’s gates. The Board also noted the “Malicious damage to property, and verbal &physical harassment of residents and directors (sic).”

The statement said they are also engaging the SAPS to identify the rest of the perpetrators.

The statement said they are also engaging the SAPS to identify the rest of the perpetrators.

The Star newspaper quoted one of the residents, Ceri von Ludwig as saying that the Muslim family had not complied with the city by-laws. “If the residents find out that something which is, and let’s be honest, distasteful to them from an animal welfare perspective – we’re not saying unlawful, but distasteful to them – is taking place surely they have every right to ascertain whether there has been compliance with the law.”

She also denied that there was any racism or Islamophobia involved. The newspaper quoted her as saying, “It was the Indian people who started shouting ‘you’re being racist, you’re being anti-Islam.’”


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