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Turkey’s global Covid-19 combat plan

by Salaamedia

By Humairaa Mayet

The coronavirus continues to spread across the world at an alarmingly rapid rate and many countries are in dire need of assistance. Turkey has stepped forth in the face of this devastating global pandemic by providing much-needed aid to 55 countries around the globe.

Turkey has played a great role in assisting European countries and has now come forward to assist South Africa by providing 10 000 N95 masks which are in high demand to a hospital in Pretoria, and is set to send aid to Cape Town in the near future.

Most notably, Turkey has come to the aid of the United States as its positive Covid-19 cases climb to over one million. Turkey has sent a staggering 500 000 surgical masks to America, along with hundreds and thousands of other forms of personal protective equipment, including goggles, shields, and overalls, as well as 2 000 litres of disinfectant.

Turkey’s Ambassador to South Africa, Elif Çomoğlu Ülgen, spoke to Salaamedia on Wednesday morning on The Alternative View.

The Ambassador stated that Turkey has “emerged as one of the most well-prepared countries in facing the Covid-19 threat”.

Internally, Tukey has a well-established health sector and has seen a significant reduction in coronavirus cases after the country implemented five weeks of government-monitored precautions and a lockdown only for children and the elderly.

Approximately 40 000 coronavirus tests are administered every day and Turkey is now seeing more recoveries than infections among their population.

“The solidarity principle will save humanity from this calamity,” said Ülgen, as she emphasised the importance of humanitarian aid.

In the past, Turkey has had a strong ethos of humanitarianism and has even assisted countries it was at odds with while simultaneously managing domestic crises.

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