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The #LockdownQiraatShow reaches its end

by Salaamedia

By Zahid Jadwat

As the holy month of Ramadan comes to an end, Muslims around the world have adapted to a new Ramadan experience through creative new ways inspired by the coronavirus lockdown. One such innovation is the #LockdownQiraatShow, a popular Qur’anic show that has brought home the melodious recitations of talented Quraa from across the globe this Ramadan.

Hosted by Cape Town’s very own talented Islamic academic, Sheikh Muntahaa Kenny, the show has contributed immensely towards maintaining the environment of spirituality during the lockdown period.

Sheikh Kenny, who currently serves as the principal of the Darul Qur’an Institute as well as being the Chairman of the South African Qur’an Union, said: “The Quran recital program provides a platform where anyone, no matter where they are from, may have access and benefit from Quran reciters from around the world. With the programs being streamed on social media platforms, it generates the opportunity of greater interaction between Qur’an reciters and Qur’an enthusiasts.” He added that the Qir’aat show encourages young people to get involved in the recitation of the Qur’an.

“It is a medium of encouragement for young and upcoming reciters and also an opportunity to harness their skills. To witness the development of young reciters is not only heart-warming; it encourages one to do more. I totally enjoy what I do.”

The show has amassed thousands of Qur’an lovers who sought spirituality when traditional religious practices were forced to come to a halt by the coronavirus Covid-19.

Ponty Moletsane, the station manager at Salaamedia, said that the #LockdownQiraatShow aimed to give the radio’s audience an opportunity to hear the recitations of their favourite Quraah. “Ramadan is a month of the Holy Qur’an and Ibadah. We wanted to give our followers an opportunity to follow their favourite Quraah while in a lockdown.” He added that the objective of the show was to “maintain the Ramadan aura which is missing because of the pandemic and the lockdown [as] the places of worship across the world have been shut”.

Moletsane thanked the listeners and the Africa Muslims Agency for their support. “We would like to thank the Africa Muslims Agency for their generosity in ensuring that this programme took place, and our listeners and followers of Salaamedia on social media for watching the show and engaging.”

The #LockdownQiraatShow may have reached its end, but one thing is clear: we might not be able to congregate in the Mosque just yet, but nothing stops us from using new ways to adapt to the reality that is upon us.

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