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Prominent Rabbi condemns normalisation of ties between UAE and Israel

by Salaamedia

By Humairaa Mayet

In a historic deal overseen by President Donald Trump of the United States of America, Benjamin Netanyahu and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed agreed to the complete normalisation of ties between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel. In doing so, the Prime Minister and the Crown Prince have made a most noteworthy stride in diplomatic relations, and have thus further entrenched the normalisation of the settler-colonialist state of Israel.

The deal has elicited criticism from around the world, most notably from activists, Pan-Arabism advocates, human rights groups, and Palestine solidarity coalitions. By entering into this agreement with Israel, the UAE has clearly aligned itself with the morals and statutes of the Zionist state. Over and above the normalisation of ties surrounding trade, innovation, and security, Emiratis will now be allowed to travel to Israel as tourists and holidaymakers while Palestinians across the region are not granted the right of return or even the opportunity to visit their homeland.

In conversation with Salaamedia, Rabbi Yisrael Dovid Weiss strongly condemned the decision of the UAE to enter into diplomatic relations with Israel. A prominent member of Naturei Karta and an advocate of Palestinian sovereignty, Rabbi Weiss has claimed that the UAE has been conned into supporting the Israeli cause. The solution to the Israeli-Palestinian issue is the removal of the Zionists from Palestinian territory, the abolition of the Zionist state, and the creation of an all-encompassing and all-accepting state. Rabbi Weiss called on the leaders of the UAE and other Arab states, advising them not to “fall prey to the Zionists,” and encouraging them to support the Palestinian cause.

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