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Africa Muslims Agency On The Ground In Lebanon

by Humairaa Mayet


South African-based NGO Africa Muslims Agency (AMA) has become globally renowned as they assist those in need of humanitarian aid.

Jihan Kaisi, International Humanitarian representative of AMA in Lebanon, and Hafiz Husain Choonara of the organisation joined Salaamedia’s Inayet Wadee in studio on Friday morning.

Speaking about her involvement in the humanitarian field, Kaisi said that she got involved in humanitarian aid instead of journalism when a young Palestinian girl told her about how she dreams of food and other basic necessities.

Choonara explained what a valuable asset Kaisi is to the team, saying she constantly strives to uplift the standards of living of those she is assisting.

Working in the field of humanitarian aid for 22 years, Kaisi stated that “every day she learns from every experience.”

The impoverished Middle Eastern nation of Lebanon is currently staring down the barrel of an economic crisis amidst a sea of protests, and a brewing revolution.

Civilians are starving, as are the millions of refugees who reside within its borders.

The lockdown spurred on by the coronavirus has made everything worse, and the rates of starvation have skyrocketed.

AMA is presently rolling out the ‘More Than a Meal’ campaign which seeks to bring dignity to recipients of meals and ease their burdens. The campaign will encompass 14 countries, all of which have civilians in dire need.

Kaisi concluded by urging donors to generously fund the ‘More Than a Meal’ campaign which will seek to assist all those in need.

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