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Meet Yasmin Karout: A Palestinian Youth Activist

by Humairaa Mayet


Yasmin Karout | Image: Supplied

Yasmin Karout, a young Palestinian activist and member of a South Africa-Palestine student exchange programme, has been in South Africa for a month and is studying International Relations.

Recently, Karout joined Inayet Wadee on Salaamedia to speak about her background and future aspirations.

To Karout, South Africa is a beautiful country which is underrated in global media.

The level of activism is “incredible,” said Karout. She believes that this is due to the support extended by the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) to the African National Congress (ANC) during the height of apartheid.

Being exposed to areas outside of Palestine illustrates how little safety and freedom Palestinians have in their own country. Karout drew upon her experiences in the United States and South Africa and explained the stark differences between life in Palestine and life elsewhere.

The media undoubtedly distorts and warps the issue of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and this results in the creation of unreliable narratives.

Activism on the part of young Palestinian activists is absolutely imperative and Karout stated that she, as a young Palestinian, feels that it is her responsibility to raise awareness around the occupation.

Karout acknowledged her privilege – her ability to travel abroad, study, and experience new cultures – but will consistently continue to bring to the fore the struggle of those in Palestine who have not been as privileged as she has.


Watch the full interview here:

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