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OP-ED: Remembering the thousands of Palestinians who have been detained by Israel

by Humairaa Mayet

Blindfolded and helpless: Palestinian prisoners are often bound and gagged by Israeli forces.

Around the world, Palestinian Prisoners Day is commemorated on 17 April. On this day, Palestinians, the diaspora, and supporters of the Palestinian struggle remember the thousands of Palestinians who have been detained, time and time again by the apartheid state of Israel.

Ever since the illegitimate occupation of Palestine by the settler-colonial state of Israel began, Palestinian men, women, and children are subjected to state-sanctioned brutality. Oftentimes, Palestinian civilians are jailed for carrying out ordinary activities within their own villages.

Acts such as posting on social media, gathering in groups, and attending community events can result in the imprisonment of Palestinians. Once taken into Israeli custody, Palestinian prisoners face the full might of the state where they endure violence and torture. Israeli jails are largely unmonitored and the Israeli authorities often make use of brute force.

This year, over 1400 Palestinians were taken prisoner by the state of Israel, where they sit in Israeli prisons. Many are unable to afford bail. Trials in the occupied territories are often unjust and favour Israeli biases.

Some Palestinians have been in Israeli jails for decades, and children – such as Ahed Tamimi – are often in and out of prison.
Israel makes use of asymmetrical force and treats Palestinian prisoners unfairly since many prisoners have no access to legal council.

Today, we remember the thousands of Palestinians imprisoned by apartheid Israel and echo their calls for freedom and justice.

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