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#ChampionSegment: Ashraf Garda speaks to Shaeera Kalla

by Zahid Jadwat

Shaeera Kalla is a well-known student leader and activist. She was one of the organisers of the historic #FeesMustFall movement, and has since built her name in the activism space.


On the Champion Segment of The Ashraf Garda Show on Salaamedia, Kalla spoke about her life, activism and various issues faced by South Africans. In the wide-ranging interview, Kalla spoke about issues such as inequality in South Africa as well as the dynamics within her household and how this shaped her view of the world around her.


Her purpose, she says, is about speaking out and providing an alternative in doing so. Whilst she admits she is happiest when “overwhelmed” and doing many things, she says she has realised the importance of self care.


Speaking about the dynamics within her own home during her upbringing, Kalla briefly narrated the story of a black African boy whom she grew up with and how he faced discrimination from her community circles in Laudium, Pretoria.


“The dynamics in my household made me aware of race,” she said. “Sometimes, I underestimate how much they made me aware of the inequalities, of race, of religion, and what it means to experience that a personal level.”


Kalla also urged the South African Muslim community to play a deeper role in finding solutions to challenges on the African continent. “We need to, as the Muslim community, be a bit more involved in adding value,” she said.


Watch the full interview here:

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