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Tribute To Muslim Broadcasters In SA: Dr. Quraysha Ismail Sooliman

by Humairaa Mayet

“Instead of being armchair critics, we must realise that we [Muslim journalists] can do better.” 

Dr. Quraysha Ismail Sooliman, a professor of Political Science has been in broadcasting industry for several years.

Over time, the field of journalism has grown from strength to strength, as has Muslim media. A remarkable facet of Muslim media is that young people are given the chance to voice their opinion, said Dr. Sooliman. This prevents gatekeeping within the field. Diversity in journalism is incredibly important and this is reflected well within Muslim media.

Academia and journalism can combine their powers in order to make a huge impact on society, but this is highly dependent on the way in which knowledge and information are disseminated.

Media platforms should encourage the creation of other spaces within society, said Dr. Sooliman; such as the establishment of think tanks and other collaborative projects especially those which focus upon integrating the youth into the field.

She says we need good voices to come to the fore, voices which speak truth to power. In order to develop these, a media school should be established to nurture aspiring Muslim journalists.


Throughout her time in the field, Dr. Sooliman said that young voices had the largest impact on her. Hearing the opinions of young people changed her perspectives, and she reflcetd upon how saddening gatekeeping and the like are, as they prevent the voices of the youth from coming to the fore. 


The #TributeToMuslimBroadcastersSA segment on Salaamedia is an exclusive Ramadan broadcast on our platform, inspired by the life and times of the late Ebrahim Gangat who was known for his broadcasting talent.

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