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Webinar on youth, diaspora and resistance in honor of Olympian Hanna Barakat and activist Ahed Tammi

by Umamah Bakharia

Shamsaan South Africa, Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC), Palestine Solidarity Committee – South AfricaA will today (04 September) host a webinar discussion on youth, diaspora and resistance; in honor of Palestininan Olympian, Hanna Barakat, and activist, Ahed Tamimi.

Event moderators William Shoki and Janna Jihad spoke to Inayat Wadee on the webinar and what attendees can expect.

According to Shamsaan, the webinar series is aimed at connecting over impactful conversations to celebrate the triumphs, resilience, strengths and challenges of youth globally from Palestine, South Africa, USA and the international diaspora.

“This is a series of talks to connect to young Palestinian activists who are expressing their resistance in different domains,” said William Shoki, an MA student and chairperson of the ‘Palestine Solidarity Committee at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.


Young people are recapitalizing what resistance can mean – William Shoki, Chairperson of the Palestine Solidarity Committee at the University of the Witwatersrand

Janna Jihad, a renowned Palestinian journalist and activist, said: “Palestinians have been doing sport and culture to represent their country and show the world that Palestinians want to live a normal life without this occupation and colonialism that is being practiced on them and them not being able to practice their rights freely.”


I do believe we are the generation that will make a change and hopefully liberate Palestine and the world from all the bad things happening around – Janna Jihad, renowned Palestinian activist

Their aim with the series of webinars is to create platforms that encourage real conversations; generates and strengthens awareness on issues, the exchange of ideas and inspired virtual connections that builds national, regional and international networks to advance intersectional struggles.

To be part of the imitative and follow the webinars, visit shamsaan.org

Inayet Wadee spoke to Janna Jihad and William Shoki on Salaamedia. Watch the full discussion here:

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