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[WATCH] “Thulsie Twins Looking Forward to Tell their Story” – Attorney

by Faizel Patel

JOHANNESBURG – The attorney for the Thulsie Twins said the brothers want their story to be heard and are not opposed to the court proceedings being broadcast live in South Africa and across the world.

Brandon-Lee and Tony-Lee Thulsie appeared again in the Johannesburg High Court after the case was postponed on Tuesday for the media to bring a formal application to broadcast proceedings live.

They were arrested during raids in Azaadville and Newclare in Johannesburg in July 2016 after being accused of planning attacks on Jewish and American interests in South Africa.

Speaking to Salaamedia, the twins’ attorney Nadeem Mohamed said they have no objections for the proceedings to be broadcast live.

“We’ve allowed media to be in the court room and the judge said the attorneys and media houses must communicate and come to an understanding and agreement relating to this order. The twins have said that they want their full story heard and want the whole world to know exactly what’s happened and show the world they’re innocent of these completely trumped up and fabricated charges.”

Mohammed said the trial was supposed to start in January 2021, but they only received the case files containing the information in April the same year.

“After reading these transcripts, we realized that there was substantial information that we needed from them because they relied on the information of undercover agents, operatives, moles, US Government officials, Kenyan officials, Israeli officials, UK and French officials.”

Mohammed said the court had ordered the state to provide a full disclosure of all the confidential documents in their possession and hand them in on 26 January 2022.


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