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Missiles light the night sky in Ukraine

by Luqmaan Rawat

The wounded are being evacuated from a residential building in Kyiv Photo twitter/ @Olgatokariuk

Ukraine – Russia’s war in Ukraine is intensifying. The major power invades Ukraine by land, air, and sea, its troops moved into the capital city, Kyiv. As the night sky is lit up by missiles and the silence is broken by explosions, fear has filled the citizens who desperately attempt to escape the country.

Satellite imagery depicts queues of traffic as people flee Ukraine. Any communication in or out of the country is challenging with the unstable network. A South African living in Ukraine details the horror that they have been going through for the past few days.

“When this war first began, we were woken up by sirens and bombs dropped at the military bases in Vinnytsia. When the sirens would go off, we would run to the bomb proof bunkers until the coast was clear. When this happened the first time, we were obviously so afraid especially because even the Ukrainian citizens were also panicking too,” said the South African expat who did not wish to be named.

Things worsened and the city they called safe became too dangerous to live in forcing them to leave Vinnytsia and risk the dangerous roads to leave the country.

“The city where we were in, which was Vinnytsia, was so safe too. We left Vinnytsia around 11am 22 February and now we are on our way to the Romanian borders. The road is not safe, but we are trying to leave the country because the cities that we were in are also not safe.”

As bombs hailed down and the Russian forces made their way deeper into the country, the situation became dire. Eventually contact was made with the embassies.

“We are Southern Africans traveling in buses. Our embassies as Southern Africans are trying to work together to make sure that when we get to the borders we are allowed to get through.”

They are travelling by bus towards the borders. When Salaamedia last heard the group was still “several hours away” and everyone was “trying to stay calm”.

The main cities have been hit the worst and are especially dangerous to travel through.

“Cities like Kyiv, lviv and others were the most dangerous with the tanks in their cities and bombs dropped every hour in the city.”

The group is making their way to the borders with the bare minimum, and without any knowledge of what they might encounter on the way. They must be prepared for all situations we are told.

“Right now, we are only traveling with our emergency bags that have our documents and we have small bags with non-perishable goods and small water bottles. Our main priority right now is to get to the border, away from all the massacres.”

Getting out of the city was their first problem. Now they brave the roads which are being covered by the Russian army and hope at night, they are not mistaken for Ukrainian military as they run the risk of being attacked by the army.

“The road too is not safe especially when we will have to travel at night, but our buses have our flags in case any Russians army sees our movements at night as a threat.” 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky posted a video on Friday night on Facebook vowing to defend his country while standing on a street in Kyiv. The town of Vasilkic, about 35 kilometers south of Kyiv is experiencing heavy fighting as the Russians advance to the capital.

Casualties have been reported on both sides with President Zelensky saying Russia has targeted several civilian buildings and kindergarten facilities.

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