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Giving back with a surprising twist 

by Luqmaan Rawat

 Johannesburg – The month of Ramadan is a time of giving back to the community and help those in need. With this in mind, many organisations have a Ramadan feeding project. The Practical Journey is the same, but they add their own little twist to it.   

Whereas some organisations make and distribute the same food every week, the Practical Journey chops and changes the food it serves every week. Every single week there is a different menu. Last weekend it was pasta and for the final week of Ramadan it is burgers and boerewors.   

A unique feeding scheme also comes with a unique way of contributing to it. Insaaf Gasant, member of Practical Journey, explained the two ways one can help the organisation.  

“There are two ways of doing it. The first way is to transfer money into the account of the Practical Journey… We buy the ingredients, and then make the burgers and boerewors. The other way is for people to make it themselves and have it dropped off at the drop off points.” 

The Practical Journey also has a unique drop off point system. These points change every week. This gives every member a chance to become involved in the process and earn some reward.  

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Giving back gains rewards 

The Ramadan feeding scheme has been met with a positive response. Gasant believes that this is down to them continually changing the food and bringing something new to the families every week which is exciting to them. 

The foods that are picked are fairly easy to make. For Gasant, this encourages families to get their little ones involved as well inspire them to participate in the helping process which many did. The response from volunteers was overwhelming and they ended up with more food than they initially planned they would get.  

“It’s such an easy thing you can make. Kids were making it from all over. We planned to have two thousand burgers and we managed to have in excess of five thousand and we could feed so much more because you know with a boerewors roll as well and a burger. That’s easy for kids to assemble and this is also one of the main reasons to get involved in making these things.”  Listen to the interview with Insaaf Gasant here:

The organisation is involved in providing Hajj classes for the community which Gasant is excited to get going again after a two-year break. They distribute food hampers and are involved in making Fitrah/Eid parcels which will be given to families in need on Eid day.

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