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Unleashing the change

by Salaamedia Intern

Change has a negative connotation to most people. It is often viewed as something unnecessary or something that requires a lot of effort. However, people fail to realise that we are able to utilise this change for the better.

The concept of change differs for many, some see it from an opportunistic view and others see it as a change in the norm. Abdul Jack Manack, an ex-cricketer and motivational speaker, describes change as causing a shift in the way you do something.

“To do something different, to undergo transformation, or in terms of to replace, to improve, change is an opportunity to do something different.”

Though the concept seems straightforward, people approach change with reluctance, because why switch the formula if it is working. When doing something different, you’re never going to be comfortable because it becomes habitual to think or act in a certain manner. Complacency and procrastination are the gatekeepers of secrets and potential of change, meaning when we partake in the concepts of complacency and procrastination, we are holding ourselves back from endless possibilities.

“We become flexible, we learn new solutions, we open new doors, we build confidence [and] we change mindsets. Once the mindset changes everything outside changes,” says Manack.

Change requires strategy

To be able to recognise the benefits and implementing it is two different things. People find it hard or lack the motivation to transform for the better because it is a lot of work and is a process. To implement positive difference, you firstly need to re-evaluate your life. You need to be able to identify where you are in life and how you are managing. Secondly, you need to identify the area of improvement. Creating a clear path of where you need to implement changes will help make the process easier. Thirdly, and ironically, is to implement the change. You won’t see a difference in results if you don’t apply it.

To implement newness in your daily life, start small, by making a single adjustment every day. Forcing a lot of changes at once is not a good idea as it will easily lead to you becoming overwhelmed and will cause you to give up. It is always best to go through a self-revolution with someone by your side. Make a commitment to them and this will help ensure you are accountable for the adjustment you are making. Draw motivation from positive thinking regarding this.

And lastly, enjoy the metamorphosis. Don’t let it be a tiresome job you hate, otherwise you might as well give up. Enjoy the change and embrace whatever comes with it. Listen to the interview Najma Khota had with Abdul Manack.

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