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Islamic ethics should always take priority in business

by Luqmaan Rawat

Values and bad habits to keep in mind in business practice Photo MuslimandMoney.com

Johannesburg – Islam is such a religion that every action that is done right is a good deed. Even when it comes to business, there is a way a Muslim is supposed to conduct himself and how they should run a business.

Islam has its own business principles. These principles are based on honesty, trust and treating everyone as equals. It is built on principles that many businessmen fail to practise instead choosing to focus on principles that are built on lies and deceit to make more money.

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The intention one should have when starting a business

Before starting any action, it is important to make an intention. To have a reason why we are doing said task or opening said business. The best intention one can make is that the business will be used in a way to uplift the community, said Moulana Suhail Wadee, Executive Director Ashraful Aid.

“We should make this niyah (intention) that I’m doing this to earn Halaal earnings. I’m doing this to feed my family. I’m doing it because it’s the Sunnah of Nabi (Peace and Blessings be upon him). We also make this niyah that from this Halaal wealth I’m going to give charity. I’m going to do good. I’m going to go for Umrah. If you have this intention, then Allah (SWT) will give you so many blessings in your business.”

Through business, people have left Islamic ethics

Many Muslim business people have this habit of giving a lot of charity, but their earnings come from devious ways. They have turned their backs on Islamic ethics in the search and pursuit of more money, said Moulana Wadee.

“When it comes to Islamic ethics unfortunately, we’ve seen that many of our Muslim traders, sometimes they give so wonderful charity but if you look at the business ethics it actually gets blotted out because of the dishonesty in the business. You’re giving a lender charity on the one hand, but you are underpaying your workers on the other hand or you’re being dishonest in terms of your business.”

There are many ahadith (sayings of the Prophet (May peace and blessings be upon him)) advising better business practice yet people continue to engage in such activities.

“In terms of the hadith, one says to the effect that if people are truthful in the business, the buyer, and the seller, they will get barakah in the purchase. The person who makes the money also gets barakah. If you are misleading in your business your blessings will be blotted away.”

Sabotage, a common practice

Something which has become all too common is people in business trying to sabotage each other. Everyone knows that earnings come from Allah (SWT) yet people still want to harm another person’s business, said Moulana Wadee. Instead, we should be helping those that are starting up and pray for their success as it will only bring more success to our business. This is how Islamic business is supposed to be.

Another issue is the “no returns” policy which has been implemented. This goes against the teachings of Islam. A person should be allowed to return an item if they do not find it to their liking.

“The non-Muslim stores where they make it easy for you to return an item ,you prefer buying from them. Because you know if something is wrong, or something is defective you can actually go and return it. There’s no issue. It’s like these types of things that Islam shines through and if you have good ethics you will definitely be successful.”

Restoring the hope

The repercussions for going against the Islamic ethics

For every wrong that is done, there is a punishment that will be handed out. The punishment for conducting a business against the laws of Islam will be felt in this world and the Hereafter. In one hadith it is mentioned that one who is deceitful and dishonest is not from amongst the Muslims explained Moualana Wadee.

The life of a Muslim is to follow the laws of Islam. There are many ways to make money, many deceitful ways to earn money but in the end, it will only lead to one’s destruction. We should always keep this in our minds. Every penny earned in the wrong way is a penny that will take us further away from Allah (SWT). Maulana Luqmaan Skink and Maulana Suhail Wadee in conversation about the importance of Islamic business practice.

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