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Panyaza Lesufi, ANC’s choice to gain back votes in Gauteng

by Luqmaan Rawat

Gauteng – Panyaza Lesufi, Gauteng Education MEC, has been elected as the African National Congress (ANC) Provincial Secretary. Lesufi came out on top narrowly against a group including Lebogang Maile and Paul Mashatile.

The provincial conference was held over four days and while it had a disappointing start, Dr John Molepo, a political analyst, said it went well in terms of women’s leadership.

“I was very disappointed with how they started. They took three days to sign the attendance register. The conference went very well in terms of women being elected in leadership. It’s a good sign that the ANC in Gauteng is doing very well. In all the provinces that have gone through elections none have elected women in their leadership. What is disappointing is the fact that young people are not represented in this particular top five.”

What has bothered Molepo is that MECs fighting to become the Provincial Secretary. It is a trend that has become far too common. Molepo feels it has now become about people recycling their positions of power. He would like to see more participation from the youth.

Lesufi retaining the Gauteng province

The hold the ANC has had on Gauteng is slowly slipping away. There are concerns that after the 2024 elections they could lose Gauteng. Molepo views Lesufi as someone who has the masses and now is the perfect time for him to use his influence to garner people to back the ANC.

“Well, the ANC obviously wouldn’t want to lose Gauteng purely because it’s one of the economic hubs and many other important factors. That’s why a figure like Panyaza can easily appeal to the broader masses in the society and garner the votes for the ANC.”

He cannot do this alone. The ANC needs to work together and pull in the same direction. It has become quite clear that people are fed up with the ANC. More and more people are switching to different parties due to the incompetence of the ANC.

“The ANC in the province need to unite because these factions will not work for them very well. You see the energy that has been displayed by this faction. This energy should continue moving forward so that this energy can even assist them going forward and going through the 2024 election.” 

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Lesufi should take over as Premier of Gauteng

Molepo believes that David Makura, Premier of Gauteng, should step down and let Lesufi take over. In this way Lesufi can show the masses what he will do if the ANC gets re-elected. This could give the ANC a much-needed boost.

“Let them give it to Panyaza because people already see him as the premiere. I think for a better transition and also to demonstrate that going to 2024 they can definitely deliver better services to people. Let it be given to Panyaza to run with this particular issue.”

There were concerns that there would be two power houses in Gauteng but that was cleared up by Lesufi. He made it clear that Makura would be allowed to finish his term and will not be forced out.

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Is Lesufi a good candidate to lead Gauteng

Lesufi was the President of the University of Natal, and he has shown excellence in leading a department. Molepo pointed out how Lesufi has managed to improve the Gauteng Education department as one of the reasons that he would be a good leader.

“Look at how the education department works. He has mastered it in terms of the way he addresses the challenges. Education has improved since Panyaza has taken over the department and in terms of governance, he is doing very well. When they tried to change Panyaza to another ministry, the society stood up and did not want him removed. It tells you that as an individual people in general believe in his capabilities.”

The ANC needs to be very careful how they handle Gauteng. The province is one of the richest provinces and the ANC is barely holding on. The way they act from now till the 2024 election will decide if they keep it or not.

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