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Transform your mindset to have a better year

by Luqmaan Rawat
To change things around we must have a strong mindset and do the work needed Photo Pexels

South Africa – The first six months have undoubtedly been hard for many but to have a better year we need to transform our mindset. Many people have lost the positivity in their lives. To make the next six months better we need to have a positive outlook of things to come.

The first step to face a new day with positivity is to be grateful, explained Razia Mohammed, Transformation and Life Coach. It is all about being grateful for what you have so far and taking that into account at the start of your day.

“We should wake up in the morning and connect with our Creator. That is when you would start your day on a positive note. Understand that there is a Higher Being. That’s so important because when you’re expressing that gratitude, you’re kind of looking at life not even halfway or half empty.”

People tend to focus on what they don’t have rather than what they do have. We are so conditioned to do it that we overlook all the bounties that we do have, said Mohammed.

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Transform your tribe to transform your vibe and life

The people who you are around have a way of impacting the way you think and act. It is therefore important to surround yourself with people who have a positive mindset and outlook. If you can transform your inner circle, it will help to give you a better view on life, explained Mohammed.

“Look at the first five people that you spend most of your time with. Those are the people that you are going to be most like. So, if you are spending time with people who have a negative mindset that is how you are eventually going to turn out. No matter how positive you are. Your vibe basically attracts your tribe.”

Another important thing to do is live life with humour. For Mohammed, that is all about “taking the positive out of everything and looking at the lighter side of life”.

Take time to write out your feelings

A big thing that we have left behind is journaling. It is a great tool to be able to write out all your feelings on a piece of paper, not writing them down on your phone. It can be an easy way to release your stress and clear your mind, said Mohammed.

“I’m such a big fan of writing, of journaling, of putting down your thoughts onto paper. We are now in this technological age where it’s all about clicking. When you write I believe that it kind of sticks in your mind. When you write you kind of identify your triggers. Your triggers are the things that keep you back.”

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Achieving your goals and being accountable

Oftentimes we set big goals for ourselves which can be attainable, but we fail to do them. The problem is we don’t set small milestones along the way. Setting these small milestones and holding ourselves accountable to achieve them will result in us achieving the major goal we have set, explained Mohammed.

“It’s about setting a timeline for your goals so that it is easily attainable. Then a big one is to be accountable for your actions. Have the mindset that every action has a reaction and also every action has a consequence. That will keep you on track with your goals and then the manifestation mindset. Remember what you believe you are that is what you become. If you think you can, you can and if you think you can’t, you can’t. Either way you are right because you know yourself best.”

It is also important for us to sit down and not have negative talks with ourselves. We have been conditioned to always see ourselves in a negative way. If we can change that, it will help us achieve our goals.

Moving forward and facing problems

In every goal that we set we will eventually find problems that we have to overcome. Mohammed used the analogy of a building with a strong foundation will stand tall through it all. Similarly, we have to have a strong-willed mind and not let emotions overcome us.

“As you face it head on and break down your tasks into small little stuff. Don’t look at the end goals. Break it down into smaller paths and then it becomes more attainable and achievable inside of your head. Nothing can be achieved from that anxious and scared mindset. When you’re operating from a calm mindset you are able to make positive and progressive choices.”

To turn things around and have a better end to the year, one must transform their mindset.  A solid and positive outlook is crucial to making sure you hit all of your goals. It is not how you start that counts but how you end it all. The better the end, the better the year has been.

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