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OPINION – Home schooling is a blessing in this day

by Luqmaan Rawat
Home schooling is looking more attractive for many parents as they seek to educate their kids away from the negative influences of the world Photo Pexels

South Africa – When you sit with the older generation the conversation always manages to find its way to children and the future. How to protect them from influences of the world while also educating them. In the past it wasn’t possible but today there is something called home schooling. 

Home schooling has been around for some time. Many are now shifting from sending their children to a private or public institution to keeping them at home and teaching them. This change comes as parents want to educate their kids without worrying about the negative influences around them impacting their children.

Why is home schooling needed in these times 

The world is filled with evils the older generation did not have to grow up with. Every nook and cranny have been filled with some evil. However, the option is not to lock your child up from the world.  It is to teach them right from wrong and instill morals into them. Many of the evils that exist today in the corporate world, in the medical world, in the political world would not exist if people had morals.

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Home schooling is a better way to educate your children on topics

Over the years there have been talks to include things in the school curriculum that could go against one’s beliefs. When a child is young they are very impressionable. Once something has been instilled in a child it is very hard to make them see the truth of it all. By having them at home one can monitor exactly what they learn and how they learn about it. You can teach your child a topic the way you wish for them to learn it. Furthermore, you can also leave out topics that go against your beliefs or morals.

Home schooling allows you to full focus on your child

You can also focus on specific methods of teaching which you feel will benefit your child better. You can also spend extra time on a subject that your child might be struggling in. The lessons will be tailor made to better suit your child and their needs. There will remain no scope for you to be dissatisfied with the way your child is being taught.

A child can also have a learning disability. Some schools may not be able to cater for their needs. Home schooling allows for a parent to cater to that child’s needs. There is a wide range of information available to help a parent. They can also target a child’s strengths rather than focus on their weaknesses. This can be a great help to giving a child the extra support they need.

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Spending quality time with your children

We live in a fast-paced world. Everyone is engrossed in their own work and providing for their family. Hence, it is common to hear about children spending a few hours in the company of their parents. Home schooling also aims to cut this problem out. Since the parent is the teacher, they create a special bond with their child. Education that fosters a personal touch and an emotional bond creates an individual who is well rounded and wants to excel. They are ready to do work because they love it and are not under immense pressure to perform and thus detach themselves from life and being a kid.

It also allows parents to be parents every day. We often find children are exhausted when they come back from school. They leave early in the morning rushing to go to school and sometimes come home late if they have extracurricular activities. Then they need to do homework and they are so exhausted that they are in a foul mood. This then creates fights between a parent and their child which can lead to a breakdown in their relationship. Parents are no longer seen as parents but rather something their children resent.

A safe environment to learn

Typically, a classroom is supposed to be a safe space to learn and most of the time it is. However, in my days at school I often found it hard to answer questions or voice my opinions due to a fear of being mocked and made fun of. Bullying has become much worse with the introduction of social media and students may feel even more pressure to answer questions. A student is supposed to make mistakes. It is only when they are corrected do they learn.

A student generally feels safer at home and feels comfortable saying something without the fear of bullying. Although bullying doesn’t occur in every school, this sense of never having to worry about the backlash of getting something wrong can be advantageous to them.

It is good for parents as well

Think of the many times you had to sit with your child doing mountains of homework. Homework you didn’t think was necessary. A child is supposed to be a child but sometimes they are burdened with so much work it is like they are preparing for corporate life. With home schooling a parent is in charge of what projects to do, how much homework to give out and they set the deadlines. This creates an added sense of relief, and the deadlines can be worked around events in the family’s life. Parents can also assist them in the project and provide them with creative projects to do.

No peer pressure or unhealthy competition

There is always a case to be made that children who are home schooled never get to have the ‘school experience’. Making friends and enjoying life. However, there are many home schooled children and there are even groups that meet up once a week to have this experience. Furthermore, being at home means a child never has to apply pressure to themselves to be better than their peers. They only have to do the best they can. This can be extremely beneficial to their mental health and without the added pressure, they can do much better at home than they can at school.

At the end of the day every parent wants the best for their child. Every parent wants to provide the best for their child. They want to do this without having to worry about the negative influences of this world affecting their child. Home schooling provides a solution to those worries and might evidently bring a family closer.

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