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Developing the ShumiPhone with Lesley Ncube

by Thaabit Kamaar
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Thatha was founded in 2018 by Lesley Ncube to become a global leader in providing technological services and products.

At first, the company offered various online shopping services. However, Ncube envisioned transforming it into a technological powerhouse to rival some of the world’s top technology companies.

Ncube is an entrepreneur, software developer and computer scientist. He graduated from the Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria in 2020.

His passion for business and technology began in his early teens. Drawing inspiration from giants in the tech industry, such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

As a result, Ncube began to develop various tech devices such as smartphones, smart watches, earpods and computer electronics.

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Developing the ShumiPhone

Ncube said that while a Chinese company employed him, he thought of the idea of developing smart devices.

He pitched the idea to the company, and because he has experience in software development, they provided him with the blueprints needed to move forward with his project. A partnership he proudly proclaimed has been going on for nearly eight years.

In 2014 he began developing the ShumiPhone, with the first edition released in 2018 and the second in 2020.

Ncube stated his company has a competitive edge because they understand the frustrations in the African market regarding poor-performing devices.

He understood that the latest technology is just way too expensive for ordinary South Africans to afford.

Therefore, the ShumiPhone was designed to focus on performance and to offer competitive features at affordable prices making quality technology easily accessible to South Africans.

“The whole goal of a phone is to connect. But if you cannot connect fast enough, then I think that is very frustrating.”

“And that’s why we say, we’re going to bring all those features you get from [expensive well-known] phones, we’re going to bring them here for R2500 and give it to the people.”

Future Aspirations

There has been a positive response from South Africans to the quality of devices developed by Ncube and his team.

Ncube said South Africans have supported and purchased almost all their devices.

Thatha is partnered with various investment companies and major telecommunication companies such as MTN and Telkom.

However, Ncube understands the process is still ongoing and that his company’s growth will take time. He aspires to build his brand and devices into a challenger that will compete and succeed in global markets.

But more importantly, he wants to change the world, help people and bring the African continent as close to technology as possible.

“The goal is to have good technology out there in Africa … We want people to use good technology and be used to using good technology. So that it helps the advancement of people in Africa.”

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