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Preparing for Ramadaan

by Luqmaan Rawat
With the blessed month just two months away, now is the perfect time to prepare for it Photo aboutislam

South Africa – The blessed month of Ramadaan is almost upon us. With just sixty days left until then, many are making sure they have enough pastries, samosas and pies for the family. While this preparation is “important”, it is much more important to prepare one’s mind and body for this blessed month .

Abu Huraira (RA) reported: Nabi (SAW) said when the month of Ramadan arrived:

“The month of Ramadan has come, a blessed month in which Allah Almighty has obligated you to fast. In it the gates of the heavens are opened, and in it the gates of Hellfire are closed, and in it the devils are chained, and in it is a night that is better than a thousand months. Thus, whoever is deprived of its good is truly deprived.”

(Musnad Aḥmad 7148, Grade: Sahih)

From this Hadith we can understand the great importance of Ramadaan and the blessings that come with  it. 


Preparing for Ramadaan

The month of Ramadaan is a month of fasting, discipline, the month of the Quraan, developing a link to Allah (SWT), repentance and of making resolutions to live our life in a way that will please Allah (SWT). Before one goes on holiday, everything is planned. Where one is going, what they will be doing. Our minds are already focused on that holiday. 

As such, when Ramadaan comes around, one must plan and get ready for this blessed month to reap all its rewards. It is narrated that Sahabah (RA) used to prepare for Ramadaan six months in advance. Many of us find that in the first week we suffer from headaches, trying to overcome the fasting and by the time we know it, Ramadaan is gone.


Preparing for the fast

Before Ramadaan comes, there is a blessed month called Shabaan. It is in this month that Ulema advise one should start fasting. We often see that during the first week we are tired, lazy and feel unable to do much. However, by the second week our body has become used to fasting and we know what to eat and what not to eat. By fasting during the month, we prepare ourselves mentally and physically for the fasts of Ramadaan.

Furthermore, Ramadaan is not just about abstaining from food. Ulema have explained when one fasts it should be fasting of the eyes, tongue, ears, hands and feet. To fast with your eyes is to not look at anything Haraam. To fast with the tongue is to ensure one doesn’t say anything harmful or use indecent language. Fasting with the ears is to not listen to anything Haraam, fasting with the hands and feet is to not touch anything Haraam and not go anywhere Haraam. When we start these fasts in Shabaan, it becomes part of our nature when Ramadaan comes around.


Start reading the Quraan before the month starts

The month of Ramadaan is known as the month of the Quraan. Many of us complete a full recitation of the Quraan during this month. However, Ramadaan is the month of the Quraan, not the only month of the Quraan. We should strive to read a few pages of the Quraan before Ramadaan as well. Set a time during the day to read so that when Ramadaan comes around, we are already in love with the Quraan, we are connected to the book of Allah (SWT) and thus we can read more of it.


Setting objectives and Duas

Take some time and ask yourself, what do I want to get from this month of Ramadaan? What are my objectives during this month? Write it down and focus on these objectives. One should strive to gain closeness to Allah (SWT) and add one good deed to their life and remove one evil sin from their life.

In this month Duas are readily accepted. Nabi (SWT) has said the Dua of the fasting person when he breaks his fast is never rejected (al-Tirmidhi, 2525). The Duas of a fasting person is also readily accepted. Mulana Ridwaan Kajee explains beautifully that a person should write down three Duas which he wants Allah (SWT) to accept. At the time of breaking his fast, after he performs salah and every other opportunity, he should consistently make Dua for those three things, no matter what they are. In this way Allah (SWT) will surely grant him what he asks for.

Ramadaan comes once a year and nobody is can guarantee they will see the next. It is a month where our entire lives can be changed and we can gain the mercy of Allah (SWT). For every major event of this world we plan well in advance. Ramadaan comes to help secure our place in the Hereafter.  A small amount of effort is required to attain the largest rewards and blessings Allah (SWT) wants to give us.


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