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Mariam Mia – A voice for the voiceless

by Luqmaan Rawat
The cover of the Muslim Womens Magazine March 2023 Photo The Muslim Women

Johannesburg – We live in a society where, oftentimes, the amazing contributions made by women are forgotten. The Muslim Woman Magazine has been running for 20 years showcasing the beautiful work Muslim women have done.  The March edition features, Salaamedia’s very own Mariam Mia in the section called ‘Muslims Making A Difference’.

For Mia, it is a great honour to be featured in  a well-read magazine. For quite a long time women’s achievements and works go by unacknowledged. We live in a patriarchal society and as such, even though women are the backbone of their family and community, they were never acknowledged, said Mia.

“There were many mothers of those who fought against Apartheid that actually were rock and guides to their children. In fact it was their influence that actually got their children to speak up against injustice. So, women were always there but I think today we’re coming to the forefront or people are acknowledging the effort.”


The recognition for her hard work

Mia has dedicated her life to serving the community. She has given her time to various organisations including School Governing Bodies, Residents Associations, Trustee of a Body Cooperate, NPO’s and Women Groups all in an effort to better the lives of people. 

Starting as a project co-ordinator for Salaam foundation, she was eventually given the chance to become a presenter. Mia used this opportunity to amplify the voices of those who needed to be heard and gave a voice to the voiceless. 

“I’ve been blessed to be afforded many opportunities in my life in different career paths. I was afforded and I’d like to thank the director of Salaamedia, our CEO, and brother Inayet for the mentorship as well … Management believed that I could be a presenter providing this platform for those that are marginalised. For those that have found themselves in difficult situations as well as for the sterling NPOs, advocacy groups, NGOs and CBOs.”

It was a combination of all these works that Mia believes she was honoured to be featured in this historic magazine. She also has great admiration for “the brave and courageous whistleblowers” of this country. It is through their bravery that wrongdoings of companies and government have been exposed.

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Those who have inspired her 

Over the course of her phenomenal life and career, Mia has interviewed many great people. In the article Mia credits iconic journalist and her mentor, Yvonne Ridley, who taught her that “your voice is your weapon, but speaking up and out, requires courage, grit and sustained determination,” in order for the truth to be heard. 

She also credits Dr. Fawzia Siddiqi for having taught her that “being a Human Rights Activist is also an exercise in perseverance, patience and sustained pressure”. The lessons taught to her by these outstanding women have served her well in her pursuit of helping those in need and making sure the truth is exposed  and justice is served.

Mia lives by one simple motto, “instead of complaining, be part of the solution”. A motto we can all live by and with it, change the situations around us into favourable ones.

To hear more about Mariam Mia and how women have contributed to society, listen to the podcast here:

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