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Youth Crime Prevention Desks, Engaging the Youth to Create Safer Communities and Combat Crime

by Thaabit Kamaar
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According to Mohammed Ismail from eThekwini Secure, Youth Crime Prevention Desks hold great significance in combating youth-related crime across the country. These desks play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of communities by actively involving and engaging the youth in partnership with the South African Police Service, alongside various Community Police Forums and other entities focused on preventing crime.

Youth desks are voluntary structures that can be found in different police stations throughout the nation. The primary objective of this initiative is to motivate and mobilise young individuals to take an active role in implementing crime prevention strategies. By doing so, they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to identify acts of violence and criminal activities in their respective environments.

The Importance of Youth Involvement

These Youth Crime Prevention Desks serve as platforms for young people to contribute their perspectives, insights, and ideas towards developing practical solutions for the issues they encounter regularly.

Ismail said, “It’s very important that we get the youth involved in discussing issues of crime that affect them … [And] only the youth can speak for themselves. They become the self-advocates, and they bring up these issues at the crime prevention desk at their meetings, and they unpack the issues that affect them … The youth must stand up, talk about these things, find solutions and start eliminating the vices of the community … It’s up to them to speak about it and to bring it to the fore.”

By involving them directly in crime prevention efforts, the desks empower the youth, enabling them to take responsibility and actively work towards creating safer communities. This approach recognises the importance of youth involvement in shaping their future. It emphasises the value of their unique insights and experiences in combating crime.

Furthermore, these desks facilitate collaboration between the youth and crime prevention entities. This collaboration aims to find holistic solutions to the challenges faced by the youth and address the underlying factors that contribute to the perpetuation of crime in their communities.

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“Leaders of Tomorrow”

According to Saferspaces, the program aims to establish strong connections between the youth and law enforcement. Its primary goal is to assist in identifying the safety requirements of young individuals in relevant areas while also fostering the development of sustainable skills that promote active citizenship and ethical behaviour. By doing so, the program aims to inspire young people to become role models for future generations.

However, in addition to their involvement in prevention strategies, Mohamed Ismail highlights the significant role that youth desks play in developing and empowering young individuals within their communities. Furthermore, he emphasises that these desks are crucial to building a sustainable and secure environment, free from crime, drug use, and unemployment.

Ismail said, “Through the crime prevention desk, you mustn’t see it only as an aspect of dealing with crime, but you must see it as an aspect of development from grassroots level … Now it has become a holistic approach … That can work to develop the youth in a positive way and encourage them to become the leaders of tomorrow.”

As a result, young people are strongly encouraged to volunteer and actively participate in youth desks located in various police stations within their communities. Through this involvement, they will have the opportunity to acquire essential skills that will contribute to their personal growth and advancement, allowing them to pass on this knowledge to future generations.


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