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Al-Imdaad Foundation Distributes Qurbani Meat to Refugee Camps in Jordan

by Thaabit Kamaar
Photo by [Moroccan World News]


The Al-Imdaad Foundation, in collaboration with numerous volunteers, has embarked on a significant endeavour to slaughter, process, and distribute sheep to refugee camps in Jordan, catering to displaced Syrians and Palestinians. The project spans three days, coinciding with the celebration of Eid-ul-Adha, also known as the festival of sacrifice.

According to Moulana Ansar Johaardien’s statement to Salaamedia, they are currently engaged in a time-sensitive process of slaughtering, packaging and distributing the meat to ensure that families can partake in and commemorate this auspicious occasion. The teams will sacrifice approximately one thousand sheep for contributors and donors.

“This thousand sheep we are slaughtering over these three days, we are hoping we will be able to reach 45 ,000 refugees, granting them [the ability] to enjoy the spirit of Eid and to be able to enjoy some meat. Most of them will only be eating meat for this time of the year, as for the entire year, they don’t get to eat meat.”

Distributing and Maintaining the Quality of the Meat

The sacrificed animals belong to the Baladi flock, sourced locally and renowned for being the finest quality meat in the region.

Dr Zakariyya Al Sheikh emphasised that the facility prioritises essential hygiene measures to uphold this high standard. As a result, the meat undergoes processing and distribution in clean, refrigerated and sanitary environments, ensuring it remains untainted by contaminants.

“We got a process which looks into the hygiene issue. The meat must be distributed and kept in a good and healthy environment, and it must not be contaminated. [The meat] will reach the beneficiaries in the best conditions.”

Gratitude for Donations and Contributions

Dr Al Sheikh expressed gratitude towards those who generously donated to the Al-Imdaad Foundation, acknowledging their support, through the Qurbani Project, has been instrumental in assisting the country’s Syrian and Palestinian refugee camps.

“I would like to thank all our beloved brothers and sisters who donated to the Al-Imdaad Foundation for the Qurbani Project. It will help our Syrian refugees and the Palestinian refugees in the country [tremendously]. We got almost more than 2 million Palestinian refugees, and we got almost 1.8 million Syrian refugees, and the meat will be covering one of the biggest refugee camps [in Jordan].”

While this specific project no longer accepts additional contributions, for now, Moulana Johaardien strongly encourages contributors to explore and donate to other initiatives dedicated to providing humanitarian aid and relief to refugees.

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