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Spring Holiday STEAM Camp: Where Education Meets Fun and Connection

by Thaabit Kamaar

Johannesburg – During school holidays, there is always an excellent opportunity to relax, have fun, and engage in enjoyable activities with friends and family. Whether playing outdoor games, swimming, going out, or simply lounging around, reading, and watching movies or series, these breaks are a welcome respite.

However, many students often need help to readjust their routines when school resumes. They may forget the lessons taught during the term. In light of this, many parents aim to strike a balance between their children’s leisure time and keeping their minds active during these breaks, ensuring they are prepared for the return to school.

In pursuit of this goal, Naeema Suleman and Fathima Patel, friends and co-owners of MAMA and Little Baba Hub, have organised a Spring Holiday STEAM Camp. This camp provides a secure environment where mothers and children can interact, connect, and learn.

Since the third-term school holidays are relatively short, Suleman recognised the perfect opportunity for parents to engage their children in stimulating and enjoyable activities.

“We’re just bringing some fun to the holidays.”

What is the Spring Holiday STEAM Camp?

The STEAM camp spans three days and accommodates children of various age groups. Each child’s experience is tailored to their specific age bracket, featuring engaging, educational, and entertaining activities.

According to Patel, children can anticipate immersing themselves in electronics on the initial day, constructing and personalising their circuits. Additionally, they will explore various science experiments.

The second day adopts a comprehensive approach, with a slime activity to foster children’s sensory development. Here, they will create their slime from scratch.

The third day is dedicated to the younger children, as it is essential to maintain age-appropriate groups to ensure that the younger ones do not feel overwhelmed or pressured by older peers.

“We try not to mix the groups too much. So that it’s easier for them to work and the little ones don’t feel intimidated by the bigger ones. Also, the activities are different and aimed at that [specific] age.”

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The Responses their Organisation Has Received

The co-founders launched their organisation in response to a clear need for a secure and enriching environment where children could learn and play. Although their programs primarily target children, they are not exclusive, as they also offer a space for mothers to come together, foster connections, and provide mutual support through specially designed programs and workshops.

Suleman highlighted that since the organisation’s inception, they have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from parents and children. Therefore, she encourages those interested in nurturing their children’s intellectual development to engage with their initiative, emphasising how it can significantly contribute to their children’s growth and development across various stages.

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