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Bombs rain on Gaza while UK and US block UN resolution

by Zahid Jadwat

The UK and US vetoed a resolution to allow a “humanitarian pause” in Gaza. [Picture: Mohammed Saber/EPA]


Diplomats of the United Kingdom (UK) and United States (US) were unmoved by horrors that have emerged – and continue to emerge – out of Gaza since 7 October when they blocked a UN resolution calling on Israel to permit humanitarian aid into the besieged city.

A Brazil-scripted text sat on the desks of the 15 representatives to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Making no direct reference to apartheid Israel’s atrocities in Palestine, it explicitly criticised “heinous terrorist crimes by Hamas”.

While not calling for a ceasefire, the resolution did call for a “humanitarian pause” to the violence that has raged for nearly a fortnight. Twelve countries backed the motion, including Japan and France, but all it took in the end was the vetoes of the US and UK.

The US and UK voted against the resolution. According to US ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, they voted against the resolution because it made no reference to occupying Israel’s right to “self-defence”. The UK, for its part, would not let the resolution pass because it did not condemn Hamas for using Palestinians as human shields.*


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Humanitarian crisis

A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Gaza by the hour. Persistent, unyielding Israeli bombardment has killed no less than 3,785 civilians.

The refusal by Israel to allow the entry of aid, electricity, water and fuel has brought the city of more than two million to its knees, not for the first time. Fourteen health facilities have had to close their doors after running out of fuel to keep the lights on with generators, according to a spokesperson for the ministry of health.

Bakeries, schools, residential buildings and homes have been targeted across the city. Approximately half of Gaza’s youthful population are under the age of 18. As of Thursday, at least 1000 have been killed, if not traumatised by the relentless attack.

“Children, they are just children! Words don’t suffice. I swear to God, what’s being done to us is unacceptable. The children are dead!” said an anguished Gaza doctor in a cry to anyone who was listening, via Al Jazeera.

“We are unable to save everyone. Look at our situation. Our blood is not cheaper than other people’s,” she added.

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