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Palestinian voices won’t be censored by Piers Morgan

by Luqmaan Rawat
While other news outlets refrain from having pro-Palestine voices on Piers Morgan does not Photo Piers Morgan Uncensored

World – In the whirlwind of modern media, where sensationalism often overshadows substance, mainstream media outlets have, unsurprisingly, decided to only cover one side of  Israel’s genocide of Palestinians.

Piers Morgan, known for his uncensored approach with guests on his self-named show is surprisingly said to be covering Israel and Palestine best. Piers Morgan, who made headlines two years ago by storming off the set of Good Morning Britain after being confronted for his racist comments about Meghan Markle, has surprisingly provided a platform for Palestinian journalists and supporters.

Morgan’s first pro-Palestine guest was Mohammed Hijab, a Philosopher of Religion and co-founder of Sapience Institute. Hijab highlighted Israel’s actions of cutting off water, food, and electricity to Gaza, constituted war crimes under the Geneva Convention. Morgan was very hesitant to label these actions as such and instead asked Hijab if he could agree that October 7th was a war crime given the reports of people being executed, and infants killed in their cribs.

While Hijab acknowledged such acts should indeed be considered war crimes, he challenged Morgan to substantiate the claim regarding infants being killed in their cribs, a statement that had been retracted after  news outlets rushed to circulate the unverified news. Morgan cited his source as the Daily Telegraph and claimed the picture shown was verified by British journalists which means very little given he was fired from the Daily Mirror for publishing fake photographs of Iraqi prisoner abuse  as pointed out by Hijab.

While Morgan continuously asked Hijab if he condemned Hamas for their actions on 7 October, he refused to condemn the IDF who at that time had killed more than 2 000 Palestians, many of whom were children stating, “Given the scale of what Hamas did on October the 7th, Israel is entitled to defend themselves with force … [I don’t condemn the IDF] because I support Israel’s right to defend itself.”

While Morgan continued to defend the IDF and Israel, Hijab challenged this notion by saying,”Israel defending itself is as absurd as the notion that the rapist is defending itself from the victim because Israel is the occupier”.



Bassem Youssef – The comedian who revealed the truth 

Morgan’s next guest was Bassem Youssef, Egyptian comedian and show host, whose appearance did not disappoint. Instead of tackling the debate as Hijab and others did, Youssef turned to his comedic side which was evident when he began by saying, “These Palestinians are so dramatic. ‘Ahh! The Israelis are killing us.’ But they never die. They always come back. They are very difficult to kill. I know because I’m married to one. I tried many times. Couldn’t kill her,” he said without smiling. 

The interview then went down its usual route of Morgan describing October 7th as the greatest tragedy the world has witnessed. Before he could ask hisusual “do you condemn Hamas?” Youssef asked and answered it himself, before inviting Morgan to think about a world without Hamas in it as Morgan is always quick to blame the murders of innocent Palestinians on the resistance group  and not the IDF.

“Let’s give this world a name and let’s name this world the West Bank. Hamas has absolutely no control in the West Bank and since the beginning of this year 37 Palestinian kids were killed. No music festival, no paragliding, no Hamas. Since the occupation of the West Bank 7 000 Palestinians have been killed. No music festival, no paragliding, no Hamas.”

Youssef also tackled Morgan’s question of what the proportionate response from the IDF should be, by asking “What is the going rate today for human life?”


Rahma Zein – The podcaster who challenged CNN

Morgan also spoke to Egyptian podcaster, Rahma Zein, who caught the world’s attention after she confronted CNN International Correspondent, Clarissa Ward, at the Rafah Border Crossing. While Morgan tried to question her on if she felt any regret in the way she confronted Ward, Zein made it clear she was here to talk about what Morgan called “a deadlock in the debate” and not about the confrontation. A deadlock that doesn’t exist, as there is “only terror in the debate”. She made it clear this was not war but a massacre of Palestinians. 

Without skipping a beat Morgan, as usual, asked Zein to condemn Hamas. To which she said, “The danger in starting an interview asking me to condemn Hamas, then pours into Israel’s blind defence of its own state”. 

Morgan, seemingly clueless about what it is like living under constant bombardment and trying to find a new angle to place blame on the Palestionans, asked Zein if the people in Gaza want Hamas to still be the ruling party to which she calmly replied, “the Palestinian people don’t have the luxury of the time to think of Hamas. The voice notes we’re receiving from our Palestinian brothers and sisters from under the rubble, from mothers who’ve lost their children, from families whose homes have been eradicated, the sentiment we’re getting from the Palestinian people is, ‘do they see us?’.”

Morgan then proceeded to ask Zein what her solution to the problem would be where there is no Hamas and no Benjamin Netanyahu. However, when Zein said it is to apply “international law” and not let Israel continue to operate freely as they have, Morgan appeared to shrug off that solution saying “well that is your opinion”. Zein pointed out Hamas would not be needed if Palestinians were not occupied and persecuted everyday and there was someone speaking for them like how Israel has so many nations speaking for it.

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Kareem Dennis – The hypocrisy of Piers Morgan 

Kareem Dennis (Lowkey), British rapper and activist from London, came with one objective, to point out Morgan’s hypocrisy. Dennis pointed out that Morgan tweeted on 22 April 2022 that he felt like “Nelson Mandela walking out of prison”. This was the day Morgan launched his show. While various human rights groups have labelled Israel as an Apartheid State, Dennis found it hypocritical that the man who compared himself to Mandela could not see that.

“Do you know what the struggle against Apartheid entailed? Are you aware that the ANC are believed to have very unfortunately, horrifically and terribly taken the lives of children and civilians in their struggle against Apartheid? Piers, you seem absolutely content to not only compare yourself to Nelson Mandela, who served 27 years in jail for what they described as terrorism at the time, but yet you cannot see what the vast majority of human rights organisations in the world see when they look at the Palestinians.”



Morgan also did not allow Dennis to read out the names of the 20 plus journalists who have been killed by the IDF since 7 October.





While Morgan’s style may not be without controversy, he is still risking a lot in affording pro-Palestinian perspectives any airtime at all. Or perhaps his arrogance does not know when to stop seeing as every guest has called him out on more than just his hypocrisy.

Youssef has agreed to appear on the show again, in studio. Morgan should be commended for giving a voice to those major news outlets will not listen to but at the same time asking them to condemn Hamas but not asking pro-Israeli guests to condemn the IDF is something that cannot be overlooked.

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