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Dr. Mads Gilbert in SA – Raising awareness and debunking misconceptions about Palestine

by Luqmaan Rawat
Dr Mads Gilbert will be in South Africa sharing his vast knowledge on Palestine

Pretoria – In a powerful initiative to shed light on the ongoing genocide in Palestine, Dr Mads Gilbert, a renowned Norwegian medical professional, hosted by Salaamedia, is set to visit Pretoria, South Africa, on November 18th, 2023. This event, orchestrated through a partnership between Salaamedia and a devoted team led by Abdul Khader Kurtha and the Pretoria Muslim Women’s Forum, is intended to spotlight Israel’s Relentless occupation Palestinians and dispel the false narratives in the media.

South Africa, a nation with its own history of overcoming oppression, has consistently stood in solidarity with the Palestinian cause. Dr Gilbert’s mission is crystal clear: to educate, inform, and bridge the gap between truth and propaganda. Having witnessed the challenges faced by the people of Gaza, he is determined to debunk misconceptions and reveal the harsh realities on the ground. This is why his visit is extremely important, said Kurtha.

“Israel has been created on a line. It’s a colonial project, and they’ve been lying through their teeth. It’s created by terror, by expelling Palestinians, stealing their land and this continues to date and this is exactly what’s it’s part of of the plan that’s continuing in Gaza for whatever reason it is. We need people like Dr Mads who have been working with the people of Gaza. Who has been working with the people of Palestine and we have to give the true narrative. The Zionists have taken mainstream media, the governments, USA, Europeans and everybody’s tooting the same line that the Zionist are the victims.”

Israel has been propagating a skewed narrative, painting themselves as victims while labelling Palestinians as terrorists. This misleading portrayal, he stated, is not only untrue but also demands serious scrutiny. Despite invoking the Holocaust to garner sympathy, Zionists are perpetrating similar atrocities against Palestinians without any regard for their well-being, said Kurtha.


Open invitation to all

This event is not limited to a specific group or community; it is an open invitation to all individuals who wish to make a difference. Similar events advocating for Palestine have been held across Pretoria, and, akin to those occasions, this gathering welcomes participation from all. Attendees are urged to join, actively engage, and contribute towards the shared cause of supporting the Palestinian people.

Furthermore, this event is also being used to collect funds for essential medical supplies and equipment desperately needed in Palestine. The ongoing genocide, exacerbated by sanctions and human rights abuses, has left many without proper medical care. The fundraising efforts in Pretoria aim to make a significant impact, providing hope and relief to those in need.

The event is scheduled for November 18th, 2023, from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM at AL Ghazali Hall, Erasmia, in Pretoria. Additionally, Dr Gilbert will be visiting other cities on the following dates:

–  Johannesburg : Lakewood Conference Centre, Ornmonde on November 15th

Durban: NMJ Hall on November 17th

– Pretoria: Al Ghazali Hall, Erasmia on November 18th

– Port Elizabeth: November 19th

– Cape Town: November 20th

For further details or inquiries about hosting events, please feel free to reach out to Salaamedia at 011 680 0355 or 061 449 4691. You can also contact Ponty Moletsane at 081 569 9770 or email info@salaamedia.com.


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