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Aziz Younis Commends South Africa’s Palestinian Advocacy, Calls for Continued Efforts

by Thaabit Kamaar
Image by [Mondoweiss]

Johannesburg – Following the tragic events unfolding in Gaza, where entire family lineages are reduced to mere statistics, serves as a stark reminder of the extent of Palestinian suffering. The immensity of their losses, condensed into numerical data, has the effect of numbing us to the heartbreaking brutalities of war.

Therefore, it is crucial to recognise that behind each statistic lies a unique life with its own story, a father, a mother, and a child, each with hopes and dreams which have been abruptly shattered.

This understanding should serve as a constant reminder as we express solidarity with the Palestinians and work to enlighten those unfamiliar with their plight and enduring oppression.

Hence, Palestinian Journalist Aziz Younis, urges supporters to educate and share their stories while persisting in their advocacy for the people in Israeli-occupied territories.

“Everything that you do matters. Every post and every word you share matters. Every march and candle that you light matters. Do not stop now and take breaks because our brothers and sisters are there now and are not taking breaks.”

The Spirit of Palestinian Resistance

Despite the relentless actions of the Israeli war machine, which persist in displacing millions of Palestinians in a region already burdened with displacement, targeting innocent civilians and turning entire neighbourhoods into ruins, there remains one element it cannot extinguish.

That unyielding force is the spirit of the Palestinians and their determination to resist occupation. Even in the face of hunger, thirst, and exhaustion, and even when burdened with the heavy weight of carrying the bodies of their loved ones, the Palestinians refuse to cease and capitulate.

“Switch on the news, and you’ll see a guy whose whole family got killed, his house demolished, and he’s carrying his baby’s dead body, and he’s telling you he’s standing behind the resistance. He’s going to fight, and we’re going to win. You cannot defeat people like this.”

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South Africans and Their Solidarity with Palestinians Acknowledged

In contrast to some neighbouring Arab nations, South Africa stands out as one of the rare countries globally with a government, political factions, and civil leadership openly denouncing Israel for its actions and expressing solidarity with the Palestinians.

They are also among the few nations which have implemented diplomatic measures by recalling their diplomats from the Zionist state.

Although Younis acknowledges and appreciates these efforts, he suggests, given South Africa’s considerable standing and influence in global politics, there is potential for them to do even more in advocating for justice and resolution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“When there’s a conflict, or when there’s war, South Africa is always there with its just stance.”

Additionally, he commends the South African civil society for their ongoing efforts and achievements. This includes their initiatives such as boycotting Israeli products, their active presence on social media, and their persistent demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

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