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FMYO’s billboard campaign challenges Israel’s genocide of Gaza genocide

by Luqmaan Rawat
The billboard put up by FMYO Photo Facebook/ FMYO 

Johannesburg – Amid Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza, a vehement initiative surfaces in South Africa to expose the heinous atrocities. Going beyond conventional methods, it involves physical presence, marches, and bold campaigns. Significantly, billboards take centre stage as a potent weapon. Deployed by the Fordsburg Muslim Youth Organisation (FMYO), these colossal canvases deliver an unapologetic message: Israel is actively engaged in genocide.

Muhammad Amin Minty, the Chairperson of FMYO, spearheads this uncompromising initiative. The massive billboard boldly declares the stark truth: genocide, ethnic cleansing, and occupation are brutal and undeniable realities in Gaza. It’s a stand, a message to assert the land belongs to the people of Palestine. The billboard becomes a symbolic expression of solidarity, challenging the actions of the Zionist regime.

“There’s only 30 000 Jews in this country and we as Muslims, we are so many and we cannot stand for what was happening especially in the media. We needed to do something and really make a bold statement as Muslims. This is the least that we can do for Palestine in South Africa. We really had to send a message through to them that what they are doing is not correct. It is genocide what they’re doing, and we can’t sit back and just let them do what they want to, even in this country with the small amount of people that they are. I think we have made a bold stand as Muslims in this country.”

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The global impact

The campaign transcends physical boundaries, extending its reach to Twitter, where 1.7 million people have seen it. Messages pour in from various corners of the world, underlining the collective effort to support Palestine.

“It has gone worldwide. We’ve had messages from America, we’ve had from everywhere. It’s the least that we have done for the people of Palestine. With the help of the Almighty we will be putting up a few more billboards. We are looking at a few more that have to go up. There is another one that’s supposed to go up on Malibongwe. It will probably go up today and there’s a few going up in a few other cities as well. We have to take a stance and we need to be aware and we need to do something for the Muslims at large. All over the world.”

In the midst of heightened emotions, Minty passionately underscores the grave situation in Palestine. The heart-wrenching videos and images from Gaza vividly depict the devastating murders and injuries suffered by Palestinians. Minty extended a poignant plea to non-Muslims, urging them to grasp the genuine narrative and highlighting the imperative for global awareness.

“It’s very sad that humanity can do something to another human being. When you think about it, we as Muslims had given safeguard to the Jews all over the world when they were prosecuted. They have forgotten. They have forgotten that. They have forgotten that.”

As Minty speaks of the resilience of the Palestinian people and their unwavering faith, his voice resonates with profound sadness and heartbreak. Once again, he passionately emphasised the imperative for unified global support.

Amidst the sorrow conveyed through Minty’s voice, a flicker of hope emerges within the collective outcry against injustice, underscoring the robust force of global unity in championing the rights of the Palestinian people. Minty holds steadfast in his belief that the Palestinian people will attain their freedom, emphasising the imperative for collective action. He urges everyone to contribute in whatever way possible to bring an end to this genocide, ensuring that the Palestinians can eventually reclaim their freedom.


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