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Palestinian Journalism: Resilience in the Face of Israeli Propaganda

by Thaabit Kamaar
Image by [BNN Breaking]

West Bank – While Israel, along with its Western allies, conducts its genocide in Gaza, a parallel battle for information is unfolding across all media platforms. In this information war, Israeli and Western propagandists find themselves on the losing side.

They have, for the longest time, manipulated the international narrative, persuading the world that death and devastation in Gaza are solely the responsibility of the Palestinians.

They argue, if the Palestinians had not attempted to break free from their open-air prison and rejected the meagre scraps from their Israeli rulers, widespread destruction in the name of self-defence would not have occurred.

Since October 7, Israeli authorities, propagandists and supporters have been actively working to vilify and dehumanise the Palestinians and their quest for freedom and justice.

However, much like Israel’s assertion about Hamas housing hostages and having headquarters, militants and weapons at Al Shifa hospital, their attempts to mould public opinion are coming up empty.

Recognising and Debunking Israeli Propaganda

According to Palestinian journalist Osama Nazzal, who is based in the West Bank, Israel reportedly allocates significant funds, amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars, to influential media figures and outlets.

The purpose is to disseminate misinformation which tarnishes the image of the Palestinians. What a waste of US taxpayer money. Despite these efforts, specific claims made by Israel have been discredited.

For instance, the assertion that Hamas resistance fighters mutilated and decapitated babies lacked supporting evidence and was widely disbelieved. Notwithstanding proof and confirming the lack of proof, President Joe Biden continues to affirm its veracity.

Another controversial incident involved the killing of hundreds of innocent civilians at Al Ahli Baptist Hospital, with Israeli authorities attributing blame to Palestinian fighters within the hospital. This occurred despite Israel initially acknowledging responsibility for the attack on X.

Additionally, there were allegations of the Gaza Health Ministry exaggerating the death toll, currently nearing 12,000 Palestinians, a substantial number of whom are women and children.

The assertions of manipulating the Palestinian death toll raise concerns about the reliability of Israel’s information, particularly when viewed in the context of their extensive destruction, such as the bombing of residential blocks, hospitals, and refugee camps.

Consequently, the international community is becoming increasingly critical and insusceptible to Israeli fantasy.

“The truth is very clear. What Israel is doing is live massacres of the Palestinians. All international satellite channels are broadcasting what’s happening on the ground in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli lies are no longer hidden.”

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Systematically Targeting Palestinian Journalists

While the Western world commonly perceives Israel as the sole democracy in the Middle East, the true nature and values of Western democracy have been revealed through the devastation and hundreds of thousands of murdered civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Despite Israel’s and Western media’s efforts to manipulate the narrative of Israel’s genocide in Gaza and the increasing violent occupation of land through falsehoods, censorship, and targeted attacks on Palestinian journalists and their families, the truth continues to emerge. The real-time incarnation of the hydra effect in Palestinian journalism is evident – eliminate one, and two more grow in its place.

Nazzal emphasises that journalism is not merely a chosen profession but a recognition of a collective duty to uphold the truth for Palestinians. Despite the significant risks to their lives and the safety of their loved ones, Palestinian journalists bravely rise to the occasion.

“They have battled, but it is a national battle. If they surrender, people will not discover the truth and understand the realities of what’s happening here and the brutality of the Israeli forces and settlers.”

He further notes that Israel, fearing the influence of these journalists and their voices, resorts to various tactics. If direct harm does not silence them, efforts are made to discredit and censor them on all media platforms.

“Israeli media bought the photos of some of these journalists. Threatened them and tried to tarnish their image. Also, to instigate media outlets not to publish their content.”

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