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Terrorist Israel expands ground offensive in Gaza

by Zahid Jadwat


A wounded Palestinian is rushed into Nasser hospital, in Khan Younis, south Gaza, December 4, as Israel expands its ground offensive. [Picture: Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters]


The airstrikes were not enough. Attacks on schools, medical facilities and staff were not enough. Now, the terrorist regime in Israel has expanded its ground offensive in the Gaza Strip.

By Monday, the fourth consecutive day of bombardment since a temporary truce expired, the number of Palestinians killed in Gaza surpassed 15 500 people. No less than 800 civilians, whose only crime was being Palestinian, have been killed since Saturday. In the Shujayea neighbourhood, east of Gaza City, more than 50 homes were razed.

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Chaos and destruction

The renewed bombardment of a territory described as a “concentration camp” has put already-strained healthcare facilities under strain.

“We are flooded with an influx of dead bodies,” Munir al-Bursh, director-general of Gaza’s Health Ministry, told Al Jazeera, warning the Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza would soon run out of electricity.

“All our hospitals can no longer offer any kind of help to victims. All our medical equipment was destroyed by the Israeli occupation soldiers,” he said, adding, “This is a belligerent murderous enemy; with one target only: killing civilians in cold blood.”

On Friday, the occupation army released a so-called Evacuation Zone Map for use by Gaza’s 2.3 million inhabitants. However, residents were reportedly expected to scan QR codes to check if they were to evacuate. The system caused much panic and confusion.

“I cannot overstate the fear, panic and confusion that these Israeli maps are causing civilians in #Gaza, including my own staff. People cannot run from place to place to try to escape Israel’s bombs, nor does international law expect them to. What is being done is unconscionable,” said Melanie Ward, chief executive of Medical Aid for Palestinians in a post on X on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the trial of PM Benjamin Netanyahu is set to resume in the District Court of Jerusalem on Monday. The murderous terrorist leader is charged with fraud, breach of trust and corruption.

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