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Jews denounce Zionism at solidarity march to Union Buildings

by Zahid Jadwat

Rabbi Yisreal Dovid Weiss was among Jews who marched to the Union Buildings on Tuesday, 5 December, denouncing Zionism. [Picture: Nasreen Naidoo/Salaamedia].


An energetic crowd of activists and ordinary people seeking freedom for the people of Palestine denounced the Zionist occupation of Palestine as they marched to the Union Buildings on Tuesday. Among them were Jews who sympathised with the just cause for liberation.

This came as the terrorist State of Israel wages relentless ethnic cleansing in Gaza, killing at least 15 899 civilians in the besieged enclave.

“The world’s intelligence is being insulted,” Rabbi Yisreal Dovid Weiss, an American Haredi Jew, activist, and former spokesman for Neturei Karta. A Jew and descendent of victims of the Holocaust, he berated Zionists who abused the religion to defend a criminal entity.



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Standing with a placard condemning the atrocities of the terrorist regime in Tel Aviv, Weiss pleaded with the world to hear the stifled voices of Jews who “are true to the Torah” in decrying apartheid.

“We all, together with my Jewish brothers and sisters of Al Quds and from around the world, cry with the people of Gaza; with the people of Occupied Palestine. We demand the world should hear the words of Jews are true to the Torah,” he said.

He made it very clear to those who still believed condemning Israel was anti-Semitic: “The occupation is not Jewish. The occupation is a corrupt criminal entity. It is nationalism that is masquerading in my religion”.

He further accused Zionists of fomenting division, hatred and bloodshed after centuries of harmonious co-existence in the Holy Land. Peace, he said, would be achieved when the occupation ended.

“We lived together, Jews and Muslims, for all those hundreds of years. It is only Zionism and their state that has caused this rift, this hate, and bloodshed. Remove the state of Israel! Take that foot off the neck of the Palestinians and we will have peace!”

Meanwhile, Richard Peeperkorn, the World Health Organization representative stationed in Gaza, on Tuesday said “the situation is getting worse by the hour” as there was “intensified bombing going on all around, including here in the southern areas, Khan Younis and even in Rafah”.

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