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SACP Urges DA Members to Resign: Solidarity Call for Palestinians

by Thaabit Kamaar


South Africa – The Democratic Alliance’s (DA) unwavering support for Israel continues to damage the party’s reputation and standing in the eyes of the South African public. This negative reaction is not surprising, given the party’s disregard for the pro-Palestinian sentiments among the citizens who elected them.

Moreover, the DA’s tendency to echo Western viewpoints and engage in smear campaigns against Palestinian Resistance movements and fighters, coupled with the mistreatment of members who deviate from the party line, exemplified by the dismissal of Ghaleb Cachalia for expressing empathy towards the Palestinian people, only worsens their unfavourable image.

Due to these and various other reasons, Nunu Mkhanka Zuma, the Kay Moonsamy Sub District Secretary of the South African Communist Party (SACP), has urged Muslim councillors, as well as other councillors and members representing the DA, to resign as a demonstration of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

“The DA is unveiling their true colours because what is happening in Palestine is not a war … They say Hamas is a group of terrorists, to us as South Africans, what is happening in Palestine is what we experienced during the Apartheid era. Our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters were called terrorists for fighting for our rights.”

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The DA’s Lack of Apartheid Experience

Zuma contends the DA lacks a profound comprehension of the challenges and atrocities that the majority of South Africans endured during the Apartheid era. He argues that this deficiency in understanding is becoming evident in the party’s leadership, members, rhetoric, and actions.

If they genuinely grasped the inhumanity of Apartheid, he believes, they would not openly endorse the brutal actions of the terrorist Israeli regime against innocent Palestinians.

“Majority of South Africans support Palestine and the Palestinians. What’s going to happen? This [will] impact the DA and its councillors [badly if they] don’t do the right thing.”

Currently, the DA’s perspectives, positions, and viewpoints oppose the interests of the citizens who voted for them, the broader populace and our collective history.

Consequently, Zuma condemns their stance and advocates for repercussions. Simultaneously, he acknowledges the presence of individuals within the party with a sense of humanity and Ubuntu, urging them to act according to the correct principles.

Therefore, Zuma anticipates that these individuals will respond to the call to resign, viewing it as a contribution to international support for the Palestinians and a means to alleviate their suffering.

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