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Funds urgently needed to counter Zionist narrative – activist

by Zahid Jadwat


Pro-Palestinian demonstrators rally outside the home of Senator Elizabeth Warren in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Many have challenged the mainstream narrative favouring Apartheid Israel. [Picture: Steven Senne/AP]


An activist has bemoaned the pro-Zionist currents undermining awareness for the Palestinian cause. They appeal for funds to be channelled towards the campaign to counter the Zionist lobby behind mainstream media and public discourse.

Speaking in an interview on Salaamedia, Dr Faisal Suliman, from the Durban-based South African Muslim Network (SAMNET), said it had long been the case that mainstream media outlets backed the terrorist regime.

However, that there was scarce coverage of of SA’s presentation in its genocide case at the World Court made it all the more obvious.

“There was absolutely zilch coverage of the South African presentation and a complete live streaming, wall-to-wall coverage, of the Israeli presentation on your big mainstream channels.”

He added: “If ever there was a glaring example of just how skewed the mainstream media is against Muslims, Islam, the Middle East and, in this case, the Palestinians, that would be it.”


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Skewed narrative

Suliman said such skewed coverage of one of the most important news stories of the moment was done “not by accident”, but “by design”. He claimed large sums of money had been dished out by the Zionist lobby to favour the apartheid state despite its ongoing atrocities in the Palestinian territories.

“It’s years of work of brown paper journalism, threats, trolls … When they shot and killed the Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, nothing happened. The door opened for Israel to do what it likes,” he said, referring to the mounting death toll amongst journalists amid the ongoing genocide.

The terrorist Tel Aviv regime, led by PM Benjamin Netanyahu, and firmly backed by US President Joe Biden, has butchered 24 285 Palestinians in Gaza since 7 October. Israeli raids and occupation in the West Bank continue to further undermine the fragmented State of Palestine.

Suliman said the only way to counter the pro-Israel narrative was for those backing the Palestinian cause to fund and defend the truth. “There is scope for money to be used,” he suggested.

“It needs a whole paradigm shift in thinking to push the narrative that you need to contribute funds towards organisations that are taking activism, media, Palestinian [and] Kashmir work. It’s challenging, but we try.”

SAMNET was among the organisations leading the charge against the skewed narrative by equipping people to make an impact.

“We’re not interested in the collection of funds, but we’re interested in being able to pay journalists, researchers, people who can go on the Internet and do the type of response that is needed; that you see others getting so well paid [to do].”

Meanwhile, recent data suggests support for Israel has declined among millennials and their Generation Z offspring.

A 2023 Harvard CAPS-Harris X poll revealed a slight majority (51%) of 18- to 24-year-old respondents who believed killings of Israeli citizens by Hamas, “could be justified by the grievance of Palestinians”, reported Deseret News. The figure stood at 48% for the 25-to-35 cohort.

The emergence of social media and resultant real-time mobile journalism has often been attributed as one of the reasons why the reality of the situation in Palestine has defied the narrative of mainstream media to make its way into the public conscience.

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