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The Palestinian Chronicles – Palestinians Staring Down the Guns Barrel and Seeing Paradise

by Thaabit Kamaar
Image Source: NBC News

Gaza – Some months ago, Dr Omar Suleiman asked his audience a rhetorical question: why do you think the people of Palestine are so special? It is because they are unbreakable, he answered.

In the 145 days since Israel began its genocidal campaign in Gaza, every fleeting moment has been filled with the cries, screams, and noticeable pain of the Palestinians. What remains remarkable is their unyielding spirit and unwavering faith.

“That grandma that refuses to leave [Gaza] even without water is so much more than a thousand Israeli soldiers,” he said.

The crimes, suffering, and oppression inflicted upon the Palestinians over the past 75 years, including the ongoing genocide, have been truly heartbreaking. Each year, their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters face the threats of being killed, imprisoned, and tortured, yet they remain unbroken.

Even in the face of demolished homes and children trapped beneath rubble, even amid the depths of anguish where parents are compelled to carve their children’s names on their bodies for identification, and when a father must carry his children’s mutilated bodies in plastic bags, they do not break.

Despite every inhumane, cruel, and terrifying circumstance thrown at them, the Palestinians stand firm. Instead of cracking, they utter the words in Arabic, “God is sufficient for me, and all praise is to him.”

Their uncompromising faith becomes a guiding light amid chaos, death, and terror, offering comfort and a reservoir of strength. It can be argued that, in attempting to strip them of human dignity and rights, Israel’s atrocities have only strengthened their resilience and resolve.

Countless videos depict Palestinians who have lost everything—homes and entire families. Yet, they console others with hugs, smiles and reassuring words, affirming their trust in Allah and his beloved Prophet (Peace be Upon Him).

To the Palestinians, those killed by Israel’s war machine are mourned, but they are also celebrated and praised as martyrs. Some even claimed a scent of musk emanated from their deceased bodies.

In a video, a Palestinian man was killed by Israeli forces. Instead of his brother crying, he addresses the camera, “He’s a martyr, and he’s lucky to go to Allah … Allah is sufficient for us”.

Repeatedly, we have witnessed Muslim Palestinians reaffirm their devotion to Islam. This commitment has sparked a newfound interest among people worldwide.

Their courage has played a pivotal role in prompting many individuals to delve into the Quran and counteract the Islamophobia perpetuated by Western media and governments over the years. As a result, some have even accepted the message of Islam.

Nevertheless, despite their remarkable strength and resilience, no population or group of people should endure the scale of killing, oppression, and ethnic cleansing that they have experienced. No person should live in a perpetual state of awaiting their time to die.

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The Unwavering Imaan of the Palestinians

Dr Fozia Alvi, a Canadian physician and the founder of Humanity Auxilium, recently visited Gaza with her son. During her stay, she witnessed first-hand the suffering of the Palestinians, reporting instances of children dying of hunger, bombs being dropped, and various other crimes against humanity.

Despite the harrowing experiences, she expressed the resilience of the Palestinians is second to none. Their bravery and devotion to Islam have even played a part in strengthening her own faith.

“What I have felt there is hard to describe. Palestinians are no doubt a very special people, and I truly believe it’s due to their Imaan. They have internalised the fact that the bombing of their houses and the killing of their children is a test from Allah, and they’re ready to face it.”

Although Dr Alvi spoke fondly of the Imaan among the Palestinians, she observed the profound difficulty of the reality of starvation, bombardment and destruction they are enduring and the toll it is taking on them.

“I was working with a nurse; her brother’s family was killed. They were stuck under the rubble for six days. She was helping us in the hospital, and I could see a sadness in her eyes, which was hard to describe.”

Despite their dire circumstances, Dr Alvi stated that the Palestinians continue to exhibit remarkable kindness and compassion. Reflecting on their arrival in Gaza, she recounted how the people generously offered her and her son food, even though they did not have much for themselves. This gesture moved them to tears.

“We said to them, you guys are starving, and they said it is our tradition to take care of our guests. I have learned from these people that amid the worst humanitarian catastrophe, they are still kind, and they still smile, although their heart is feeling the pain.”

Therefore, it is safe to assume that it is not the area which Israel wants to destroy. It is the people they seek to eradicate. “But how do you kill a population who looks down the barrel of your guns and sees paradise?” You do not.

However, bravery should not be the Palestinian’s only resort. They deserve to live prosperously. To shape their destinies and nurture their children, enabling them to learn and play freely. The only way to achieve this is by putting an end to the ongoing genocide and occupation in Gaza, East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

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