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Israeli terrorists no-show at Cairo ceasefire talks

by Zahid Jadwat

Search and rescue efforts after Israeli attacks in Rafah, Gaza. Hamas negotiators were in Cairo this week to secure a ceasefire. [Picture: Anadolu/Getty Images]


After displacing 80 percent of Gaza’s population and pushing the enclave’s citizens to the brink of famine, Apartheid Israel failed to show up at negotiations underway in Cairo.

Parties to the talks, including Hamas, aim to bring an end to the aggression with Ramadan around the corner. On Wednesday, the resistance group sat with negotiators from Qatar and Egypt – but the chief aggressor was absent.

The impasse comes after United States Vice President, Kamala Harris, on Sunday said a ceasefire needed to be in place for “at least the next six weeks”. Joe Biden, her senior, earlier indicated a ceasefire was in the works.

“Given the immense scale of suffering in Gaza, there must be an immediate ceasefire. For at least the next six weeks, which is what is currently on the table … People in Gaza are starving. The conditions are inhumane and our common humanity compels us to act,” she told a crowd.


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Arab swing vote

While some viewed this as the Biden administration’s strongest words yet, University of South Africa (UNISA) senior lecturer Dr Ahmed Jazbhay was not convinced. Instead, he saw it as typical Democrat Party (DP) behaviour in an election period.

“The only thing that separates Democrats from Republicans is the fact that Democrats are simply just smiling assassins; they’ll shoot you with a bullet while smiling in the face. The Republicans, on the other hand, will tell you straight up that you have no place in America,” he said.

He said the motivation for Harris’s remarks might lie with the Arab swing vote. While cautious not to overstate the bloc’s significance, he noted refusal by Arab Americans to vote as they traditionally did, amid the Gaza Genocide.

“The Arab vote can be quite crucial. In previous elections, the Arabs have voted en masse for the Democrats, but in this election, given the Democratic support for the Gaza Genocide, the majority of Arab voters have stated that they will not be voting Democrat and, in fact, may not be voting at all,” he said.

At the end of the day, however, he said it was he “who pays the piper calls the tune”. He was referring to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a Zionist lobby group that previously donated millions of dollars to undermine pro-Palestine candidates within the Democrat Party.

Key to the latest round of negotiations between Oppressor and Oppressed in Cairo were the flow of humanitarian aid – unhindered – into Gaza and the return of captives.

Biden on Tuesday said: “It’s in the hands of Hamas right now”. But the latter made it clear a truce must be in place before any captives were released.

“We are showing the required flexibility in order to reach a comprehensive cessation of aggression against our people, but the occupation is still evading the entitlements of this agreement,” Hamas said in a statement.

As for whether starvation was being used as a tool of war, Jazbhay had zero doubt. “Starvation as a weapon of war has been the modus operandi of colonisers for centuries, and Israel has been no exception,” he said.

Israeli bombardment has killed no fewer than 30 717 Palestinians and wounded 72 156 others. With Ramadan approaching, people in Gaza face the grim possibility of famine during the fasting month.

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