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Eyewitness Reports from Al Shifa Hospital Expose Israeli War Crimes

by Thaabit Kamaar
Image Source: Bloomberg

South Africa – For several months, Israel has embarked on an aggressive propaganda campaign, receiving backing from various Western media outlets, aimed at justifying their ruthless and relentless military operations against the Palestinians.

Consistently, they have levelled accusations against Palestinian Resistance fighters, alleging they are responsible for some of the most heinous and barbaric acts against Israeli civilians.

However, these accusations from the Israeli Occupation Forces often serve as admissions of their own criminal actions against innocent civilians, as evidenced by numerous eyewitness and civilian reports emerging from Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

Since the beginning of Israel’s attacks on Gaza, Al Shifa has been a primary target for the occupiers.

They have asserted, without concrete proof or substantial evidence, that the partially functioning health facility, which shelters thousands of displaced Palestinian families, serves as a hub for Hamas activities connecting to an extensive network of tunnels. These claims have consistently been refuted.

In the recent siege of Al Shifa, reports indicate a significant loss of Palestinian lives. Witnesses have recounted instances of Israeli soldiers detaining Palestinian civilians, journalists, and healthcare workers, subjecting them to strip searches and physical violence.

Some witnesses have described dire conditions within the hospital, including instances of enforced starvation, executions, and humiliating interrogations. Additionally, reports have surfaced detailing cases of sexual violence, such as rape and assault, perpetrated against Palestinian women by Israeli forces.

These egregious violations of humanitarian law have sparked international outrage, demanding swift and unequivocal action and accountability for the victims.

However, as Fazela Mahomed, a Palestinian Solidarity activist, aptly pointed out, the repeated attacks on a hospital, as witnessed by Israeli forces’ actions, imply a sense of impunity, signalling that they can act without restraint, answerable to no authority.

“South Africa took them to the ICJ, and in fact, the atrocities have increased since then. What we see now is the Zionist entity showing that they don’t care.”

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Systematic Attacks to Remove Palestinians from Gaza

Mahomed emphasised that upon careful scrutiny of Israel’s assaults, including the bombardment of entire neighbourhoods, the deliberate targeting and massacre of civilians, and the destruction of civilian infrastructure, one would conclude that these actions are not without purpose. Contrary to the claims of Israeli officials, the objective is not merely to eliminate Hamas.

Instead, a strategic approach exists to their operations. Through targeting societal sectors, they aim to obliterate the fabric of life in Gaza, ultimately seeking the permanent displacement of Palestinians from their rightful lands.

The numerous war crimes committed, often disregarded or downplayed by mainstream Western media outlets, serve as a tool through which Israeli forces instill terror and degradation upon innocent Palestinian individuals, regardless of age or gender, to subjugate them.

“Amid the death and horror, there is a disregard for Palestinian life. We must be clear that this is a systematic approach, with the support of US arms and ammunition, to ensure the continuation of the colonial project because that is what they want.”

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