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The Palestinian Chronicles – Witnessing Gaza’s Daily Reality Through Journalist’s Eyes

by Thaabit Kamaar


Egypt – According to Youmna ElSayed, a Journalist and Correspondent for Al Jazeera, Palestinians are increasingly concerned about the potential for war fatigue due to constant exposure to emotional and traumatic events. They worry that, like some governments that have turned their backs on them, people may become desensitised and weary of the ongoing realities in Gaza, risking the loss of global solidarity and support.

“All governments of the world have abandoned Gaza. That is a reality, and so many of them are complicit in this genocide either by arming Israel by facilitating all the elements of this genocide or by not helping in entering the humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people. Still, we’re left with the people’s support. These people, thousands going out in the streets in solidarity with what is happening in Gaza in support of the Palestinian people, this is the only hope that we still have. We still hope that this will actually change something.”

When considering war fatigue, it’s crucial to acknowledge its effects, as there are instances when we’ve chosen to skip over specific posts because they were too overwhelming. Nevertheless, it’s essential not to stop advocating for and actively supporting the Palestinian cause.

Despite the distance of thousands of kilometres, we must fulfil our roles as part of the global Palestinian solidarity movement. We must persist in posting, boycotting, educating, speaking out, and protesting against the injustices occurring in Gaza.

Failure to do so could allow the one-sided narrative and propaganda perpetuated by Western media outlets, politicians, and Zionist influencers to become accepted as truth.

“This all makes a difference. It makes a difference politically and economically, and it makes a difference in spreading the culture and the ideology of what is happening in the world, other than just taking one narrative from one side or one particular politicised media outlet. This is very important as it makes all the changes, and we might not see the change in the short term now or the instant change due to all this boycotting and all this support. That is going on, but it’s going to show up in the long term.”

Throughout this ordeal, the global community has borne witness to the pain, suffering, and atrocities inflicted upon Palestinians by the Israeli occupation regime. Despite attempts by Western powers and Israeli allies to suppress news coverage, social media platforms continue to be inundated with reports from Gaza.

It has been more than six months since Israel began its deadly siege on the Gaza Strip, resulting in the loss of nearly 33 000 Palestinian civilian lives. During this time, they have relentlessly bombed and targeted civilian infrastructure, including homes, refugee camps, schools, and healthcare facilities.

Moreover, they have subjected Palestinians, many of whom are children, to enduring forced starvation and malnutrition despite international calls and court rulings for humanitarian aid to flow unimpeded.

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The Suffering of Palestinian Children

The conflict in Gaza has had a profound impact on all Palestinians residing within the enclave. However, the toll on the lives of children, who constitute a significant portion of the population, is especially devastating.

Children in Gaza have endured unimaginable physical, emotional, and psychological trauma. They have suffered from being orphaned, starved, malnourished, burned and mutilated by various military weapons. They have been specifically targeted, killed, and subjected to displacement multiple times over.

Similar to children in any war, attack, or invasion, Palestinian children in Gaza have had their innocence and youth stolen from them by the Israelis, who view them as nothing more than human animals, vermin that need to be exterminated.

Reflecting on her experiences in Gaza, Youmna recounted an incident involving a young Palestinian boy who carried the remains of his younger brother in his backpack. While this scenario is unimaginable and profoundly heartbreaking, she noted that it is just one of many painful situations she has witnessed in Gaza.

“The story with this boy has happened so many other times. I’ve seen it with fathers, I’ve seen it with mothers, and I’ve seen it with other children. People need to know that this is the reality of the everyday life of Palestinians. Every day, this is what Palestinian children are going through, and this is what parents are going through … It’s just a very painful reality. I’ve said this many times since the beginning of this genocide what is happening in Gaza is really too much for any human being to bear.”

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