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No Refuge Left in Gaza as Palestinians Flee Rafah Amid Ongoing Aerial Bombardments

by Thaabit Kamaar
Image Source: The New York Times

Rafah – The situation in Rafah has escalated to a critical level, with over one million Palestinians who had sought refuge there being forced to evacuate after months of sheltering in what was considered a safe zone in Gaza.

This forced displacement comes in the wake of intensified Israeli aerial and ground assaults, which have compounded the already severe circumstances in the area. Video evidence from the region displays extensive devastation, severe acts of violence and genocide carried out by Israeli forces.

Maram Sameer, a displaced Palestinian woman in Rafah, shared her distressing ordeal with Salaamedia amid ongoing Israeli aerial activity over their encampment.

She reported that the current conditions are extremely dangerous. While many have fled Rafah, numerous others remain, constrained by the lack of alternative and secure refuge.

“We are from the people who are preparing to leave Rafah. It’s very dangerous to stay here … The Israeli soldiers are already here in Rafah. [They bombed a Mosque] behind our home, and a lot of other places have been bombed.”

The siege and battery on Rafah occurred after Hamas leadership agreed to a ceasefire proposed by Qatar and Egypt, but Israel did not accept the agreement. Their rejection of the ceasefire proposal reveals their true intentions in Gaza, which is to ethnically cleanse the enclave of Palestinians.

There is No Safe Place in Gaza

Given the absence of safe zones in Gaza and the extensive destruction of the area, the recent attacks have forced many Palestinian families to search for refuge elsewhere, with no clear, safe destination in sight. Maram, originally from Gaza, had previously fled with her family to Rafah, only to find herself and her children displaced once more.

Despite the difficult and desperate circumstances, Maram expressed that her fear is not of the Israeli forces themselves but for her children’s safety, as they are continuously distressed by the turmoil, bombardment and chaos surrounding them.

“Every bomb that [drops], all the children are crying.”

Maram mentioned that they plan to relocate to Khan Younis, where they will set up a tent and camp. However, she emphasised that there is no truly safe place in Gaza.

Forced to leave with just the essentials—food, water, and some clothing—Maram acknowledged that despite losing almost everything and possessing only remnants, she desires to protect her children, giving her the strength and motivation to persevere.

As Maram and numerous other innocent Palestinians brace for another wave of Israeli aggression and displacement, her message to the world is unmistakable.

“Please stop this crime. Our children have to live a good life. Our people in Gaza have hopes and dreams. They should have a chance to live … We lost our homes, our land and the people we love. Please stop Israel and do everything to stop this war.”

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